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BI OnDemand (SaaS) and SAP SteramWork are cloud based offering from SAP. SAP made the developer life easy by providing StreamWork REST based API to make such integration possible.

Here is the steps in detail to test the integration between BI OnDemand and SAP Stream Work.

Login to SAP BI OnDemand with your user-ID or using credentials.


Add a new Dataset and upload any dataset file, I have used eFashion Retail sample data ( After the upload, open the Dataset by double clicking on it.

Now you can see an option to send Dataset to SAP StreamWork

You can send Dataset to exiting StreamWork activity or to a new activity. I noticed that select existing StreamWork Activity drop-down is not listing all your StreamWork activities, you have to manually type in the activity name.


 Finally you can login to SAP StreamWork  and check the newly created activity or updated existing activity from BI OnDemand. In case of an existing activity the same Dataset files will be versioned ( Video: Versioning in SAP StreamWork )