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My last whish regarding the SAP ONE Support Launchpad was SAP ONE Support Launchpad -  Whishlist part 3 - App "SAP Notes & KBAs".


Now here is number 4:


When closing an issue, I would like to be able to give a closing remark.


Examples are:

- "Thanks a lot, that solves my Problem"

- "to bad you cannot give me a better solution, but thanks for providing that workaround”

- "thank you for nothing! 😞 "



I think, just by reading my examples, you can tell that staus "Issue is closed" does not always tell enough and you could benefit from it, when reading your (or your colleagues) old Incidents.



I already wrote about this in the question SAP ONE Support Launchpad - Incidents Management: closing an Issues.



The closing remark could be implemented like this: When clicking "close" you'll get a text box "give a closing remark (optional)".



What do you think? Would you use such a feature, to better represent the full lifecycle of an issue?




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