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I've written SAP ONE Support Launchpad - my whish list a few days ago.


Meanwhile, I got the following question a few times (well, twice): "In the old world, I could search for SAP notes, with regards to a certain system or release level I'm interested in. (How) is this possible in SAP ONE Support Launchpad?"


As far as I know, it's not! (I'm happy to learn something, if you can tell me otherwise!).


Of course, there is a possibility to search notes, let's have a look at it:


So there’s the "search bar" at the very top of the launchpad -> enter your search term(s) an of we go.


Not only SAP notes will be searched, but also SCN Forums, Wikis and some other places.


Then there is the "Find a Solution"-App

(Which is actually the "Report an Incident"-App, just like it says in the second line. The reason it's so strangely named is simple: before reporting an incident, you should search for a solution to you problem - the naming of the app indicates that, and the design even forces you to do so - Step 1: Search! If you don't, you can not even see the "Contact SAP Support"-button to create an incident).

The search is the same as with the search bar.


I think this search is fine, easy to use (just one input field -> simple) and so on.

However, as an addition - not a replacement! - I would like to also have a "Search SAP Notes"-app. (Maybe it could be called "advanced notes search" or something).

It would be more like the old notes search: (found at )

(sorry, I only have a German-language screenshot available)


It would have the possibility to just enter a note number you already know and get it viewed really fast (not a search, but an key access).

Also, it would just search SAP-Notes, not other stuff, so that would also be faster.


Maybe the old notes search backend could just get a Fiori UI, that would probably be quite easy to do?!



Again, let me stress that this should not be a replacement, but an addition to the search capabilities the Launchpad already has.




Another thought: Sometimes a general search for Notes in a Web-Interface might not be the best solution. Since a few years, there’s the ANST_SEARCH_TOOL that let's you do a notes search right out of the system where you experience a problem.


Ther's some SCN content about it, eg:

Automated Note Search Tool (ANST) (2016)


SAP Automated Note Search Tool: I'm loving it! (2013)

and also:

Automated Note Search Tool Call-SAP Mentor Webcast Recap


Consider trying this out the next time!