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I have been using the SAP ONE Support Launchpad for quite a while already, but today (April 20th 2016) is the day that everyone creating a SAP Incident will have to use it.


I think it's a good time to collect some resources (links) and also share my experience (well: I already did, so that will be just some more links! :wink: ).


A good place to start is

SAP ONE Support Launchpad Blog Series: A Revolutionary New Way to Access Support

it also links all the other blogs of the series.


If you need to create an Incident, this will help you:

SAP ONE Support Launchpad: Incident Management Application

Please note: when I created my first Incidents in that app I didn't even know about that blog - still I got it done easily. To me that's an indication that the apps indeed are easy to use and self-explanatory.


So much for the general reading, on to my experiences, along the lifecycle of an incident.


Creation of an incident is easy, I didn't write anything special on that.



After working with the incident-apps for a while, I wrote a whish list about features I'm currently missing:

SAP ONE Support Launchpad - my whish list

[Edit: 2016-06-14:

I'm trying to put together everything I wrote in that topic into one place [this!], in order to be able to find them fast, so here are two more links:


SAP ONE Support Launchpad - Whishlist part 2 -> notes search app / ANST_SEARCH_TOOL

SAP ONE Support Launchpad -  Whishlist part 3 - App "SAP Notes & KBAs"



I got to close an incident and wondered what would be the correct way to do this:

SAP ONE Support Launchpad - Incidents Management: closing an Issues


After closing an Incident, you get to take a survey:

SAP ONE Support Launchpad - Positive Call Closure survey



Having completed the issue-lifecycle, you might want to show you colleagues what you learned. For that, "doing" something rather than just talking about it is probably the best way. However, you issue was just solved. You could wait for the next problem to occur but then

a) you could only show the first step (creation), not the full lifecycle


b) when there is a real issue, the first priority is getting it solved, it's not the right time to set up an in-house training session. 

That's why I was wondering:

SAP ONE Support Launchpad: opening a dummy-incident (for training / demo) ?



The "last" (well, more of a permanent) thing is giving feedback. On that I had the following concerns:

SAP ONE Support Launchpad currently - not a hot topic?

SAP ONE Support Launchpad - questions slipping "past the radar"?


Also, I experienced that SAP ONE Support Launchpad - Share Your Feedback not working



That much from my side.


How do you like the SAP ONE Support Launchpad? Did you (have to) use it for the first time? (Did you know it was becoming the only option today?)

Or have you - like me - already been using it?


From the team behind SAP ONE I'd like to know:

- how is that day turning out for you? Like expected? better/worse?

- can you maybe share some statistics on Issues being created/changed via SAP ONE Support Launchpad vs. "old ways" during the course of the last weeks and months?

- do you maybe see a drop on "total incidents created" today? (which might indicate that people break up their incident-creation efforts when they see they cannot do it "the old way" anymore)?


As always: your feedback is very welcome!




Update: 20167-01-10: One more thing on the topic: