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Today I had the chance to close an issue in the Incidents Management-App on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, so I got to take the “Positive Call Closure survey” (as mentioned at SAP ONE Support Launchpad: Incident Management Application )



Here's my experience/Feedback:



1. Although I set my language to EN (and everything is English on the Launchpad), the survey is in German.

(That’s probably because the language of the Incident is DE, so that's OK I guess.. it still looks strange and as far as I could tell, I have no chance of changing it in the survey).



2. The best mark I can give (10 points) is by moving the lever to the very right - however, the worst feedback (1 point - not 0!) I can give, is not moving the lever to the very left (that's "No Answer"), it's moving it 1 place to the right.



3. I'm asked for the initial reaction time, maybe that could be defined a bit better - in my case, I got an initial reaction after ~ 1 day - however, that was just a question if it was OK if the issue was processed in English; the first time someone actualy took on my problem was days later (so I rated that time).



4. Is asking for feedback (only) when a issue is closed the right time? Wouldn't you get better (as in: learn if something goes the wrong way) feedback if you implement a kind of "in-between" survey? Something like: "The issue is open for X days allready with y days no reaction from SAP - let's ask the customer now, how he feels about that"?



In general, I think it’s a nice and easy to use feature!