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Wow!  Just wow.   This is going to be Epic!   Have you saved the date/times of your favorite topics and/or speakers.  Miss them and it's not the end of the world.  You'll have the Youtube replays.  Have you heard this enough / too much about this event?

So I've watched everyone pull together to make this event amazing from the speaker perceptive.   Me - I'm lagging behind everyone else.   But I've got some sessions out there.   Check out this amazing line up and set up notifications. and follow the via twitter.

Here are my sessions:

SOT105 - Lesson learned using LTMC and LTMOM for data migration

"Going over lesson learned in our data move from our 4.6C system to Hana 1708. The tools we used were LTMC and LTMOM."

[SOT205] S/4 Hana Output Determination add field

"This one is about "simply" adding a field to your output determination.   Because we always have one more variable that we need to determine where the document should be printed / e-mailed.  This is of course for On-premise"

SOT200 - A panel

This should be fun!  Not much preparation for me to do.  And with these other guys I might get a word in as well.

(Rui Nogueira, Michelle Crapo, Volker Buzek) A discussion about the new technologies, tools, services, etc. in SAP, like CAP, RAP, CF, Extension Factory, Fiori Tools, New Business Application Studio etc.

SOT 211 - Fun with the Community - Just blog!

This one will be my favorite to give.   Blogging is just so much fun!

This session will go over how much fun blogging in the community. Why would you like to blog? What could you possible write about that hasn't been out there already? I'll share some of the things that I've learned about blogging.

It is completely free. Free training is amazing!  This is also a fund raiser.  No big deal if you don't donate.   We just found a worthy group.  Just hop on over here to check out girls who code.  They are very interesting and diverse group. If you'd like to donate, here's the link.

I'm afraid I've gone a bit link crazy in this blog.  However, I want to try to give you all the fun links.  This will be a thing of magic as it all comes together.  There are some amazing speakers that are going to present - and I am not talking about me.   We have some of your SAP Champions presenting as well as so many other people.  I bet, you'll find a lot of your "personal heros" in the line up.   I know I have.

The amount of energy and time that was put into to this by so many people.  However, I have to give extra appreciation for our two main points of contact rabsletta and uxkjaer .  There are so many more I could thank - that you would get bored with me listing all of them.  So I'll start with our two organizers, and leave it at that.

Feel free to comment.   My sessions as always, are not set in stone. I can manipulate them if you have something specific you'd like to hear me talk about.  Of course, there will be some question time left at the end.  I'll try to figure out a way to demo....   I have to be careful with my company's data, but the "just blog" will have mostly demos.

Comment if you have a cool session that your going to go to as well...   Links please.   You might find someone who has just missed it.

If you have to miss it - no worries.   Remember it will live on youtube.   You'll get to watch and re watch as much as you'd like.