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Last year I started learning SAP. At the time I didn't have a powerful machine, so I decided to leverage the power of Amazon cloud. I found it quite the learning curve to try to install Netweaver on the AWS as it entailed fiddling around with quite a few configurations outside of the vanilla install. During this time I had documented this process ranging from:

  • Setting up an EC2 System on AWS
  • Setting up the Volumes necessary for the install.
  • Setting up an Elastic IP, configuring the firewalls & setting up a DNS entry to point to the IP.
  • Oracle 11g install
  • Netweaver 7.3 install using a remote windows connection to the EC2 system.

I tried to attach the PDF here with screen captures of the whole process, however it did not allow me to attach a pdf format. Thus, I have provided a link to the pdf for anyone interested in using it. I was able to successfully install and connect from SAP GUI from within my home.

Feel free to msg/email me if you have any questions.


Thusjanthan Kubendranathan M.Sc.