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Simulate notes added to SAP systems; seems to be a useful tool.  This is a brief recap of today's SAP Mentor Monday webcast.

Source: SAP

EasyNotes is still in beta, allows you to do an ad-hoc implementation in the system

The note could create side effects

Introduced with part of NetWeaver 7.1

Two sessions when you start debugging

Source: SAP

It takes time to implement a note, create transports, to see if note fixes

EasyNotes - program generates XML script to simulate note

Three steps shown above

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

How it interfaces - the architecture

Source: SAP

The flow of the program


Source: SAP

Only works in ABAP systems

Manual instructions (like create DD object) not supported

Source: SAP

IP - patent approved

Source: SAP

Customers using

Source: SAP

See the number of notes it works with

Source: SAP

Today deploy with a package

Two Complementary Developments

Test change dynamically

Source: SAP

Enhancements/modifications for customers - pilot note, using EasyNotes, bypass customer enhancements

Runs as plain system

Question & Answer

Q: What are the authorizations?

A: Roles come with package, and assign roles to the package

Q: What if I have multiple notes?

A: Only addresses one note at a time; future look at putting them in one script file

Q: Limitations?

A: Limitations from the kernel; challenge to pass data between work processes - working to overcome them

Q: Are you considering to extend this tool to Business power user for helping developer during the testing?

A: Yes, all driven by authorizations

Q: How could we inplement easy note in our ABAP system ?  through another SAP note ?

A: No SAP notes; reach out to SAP

Plan to release as a note end of this quarter