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On yesterday's SAP Mentor Monday we covered Learning Hub, next week's BI 2014 and ASUG Annual Conference.

Learning Hub

Figure 1: Source: SAP

15 months ago SAP announced first version of Learning Hub at TechEd Madrid.  They have taken input as to what is needed for an affordable accessible solution

SAP announced in January that they did a technology transition from SAP Learning Solution to SuccessFactors Learning Solution with new capabilities and can present content for free in the Discovery area.

Anyone can subscribe to the 140 courses at no cost.

SAP responded to SAP Certification Education Influence Council feedback that people want to "learn from SAP before buy"

They are seeing web registrations of 200 per day

Subscription to Learning Hub includes all access, access to JAM layer – learning rooms.  JAM is an asynchronous learning experience

SAP is also launching live access with an individual purchase for a segment of time over a 1-2-3 month period

Students have their own image and practice scope

Figure 2: Source: SAP

The number of subscriptions is at 27K subscriptions and growing.

SAP is looking to refresh the discovery layer - it is not a fixed set of content

Coming soon SAP will offer SuccessFactors titles

Live Access includes 60 images per classroom.  The student decides if they want this image for 20-40-60 hours, time is metered when access image – they can start and stop image to fit calendar – like a prepaid phone

Social Learning Rooms include a structured in a mock concept.  Instructors have a syllabus/scope of training, learning activities, recommendations for live access – new group of individuals – experimenting with facilitation and an asynchronous remote

Please note that Live Access is only in certain countries and not yet launched fully.

Figure 3: Source: SAP

How does openSAP fit to Learning Hub? OpenSAP has a broad charter with bringing strategic topics to a large community

The OpenSAP cope is limited to strategic items to entice a broad number of people.  It is "knowledge transfer for masses", offering a baseline layer of knowledge to a broad audience

Learning Hub is a Social learning hub with a job path, deliberate job

Right side of graphic of Figure 3 is the SAP Jam world – much like openSAP – assignments, when is instructor is available – kept to a smaller size of students, heavy touch to students

Learning hub is to create skilled resources; “one step in a journey” – it is a path

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Figure 4 shows the roadmap (always subject to change).  SAP is looking at the ability to customize content for internal use for the enterprise customer.

They plan to look at crowd sourcing to solicit support from partners and customers

An attendee asked about Learning Hub with SAP University Alliance.  SAP's response: "there is a project underway and soon there will be SAP Learning Hub, student edition."

If you want more information, join ASUG in this April 9th Webcast on Learning hub - Register Today

BI 2014

Next week is BI 2014 in Orlando.  It is colocated with Admin 2014 and HANA 2014.

Figure 5: Source: SAP Insider

Which SAP Mentors are presenting?

See below:

Figure 6: Pictured: Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

ASUG Annual Conference

ASUG Annual Conference is June 3-5 in Orlando, FL

SAP Mentors are holding the following pre-conference sessions on June 2nd:

Figure 7

These are hands-on sessions so hopefully you will register today

Learn more at Jump Start ASUG Annual Conference SAPPHIRE with a Pre-Conference Session - Back and Better than Ever

Acceptances for ASUG education sessions went out this week so we will share more information as the date gets closer.

Figure 8

Coming soon is ASUG Call for Speakers for d-code (formerly TechEd) in Las Vegas, October 20-24.

Next Week:

Public SAP Mentor Monday 24 Mar 2014: UI5 with Andreas Kunz

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