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The Yankees have lived in the hearts of New Yorkers since the time of Babe Ruth and the rest of Murderer’s Row. The players who have graced the field at Yankee Stadium are, for the duration of each game, at the center of the world for their millions of American fans.

But something very new was at the center of attention at Yankee Stadium this baseball season. For a few days in September, SAP and the Sprinklr Command Center stole the show.

SAP recently used the Sprinklr Command Center to launch their “BeyondCRM” initiative at Yankee Stadium. Jerry Nichols, Global Head of Performance Management for SAP, recently met up with us to speak about the event’s success and the role Sprinklr’s Command Center played.

Q: Can you give us a little background on the “BeyondCRM” campaign?

BeyondCRM is an extension of Run Simple, a global, omni-channel advertising campaign launched in 2014 to position SAP as the business solution that simplifies business. We launched BeyondCRM in September ’15 to showcase SAP’s full suite of customer engagement and commerce capabilities. We also leveraged the event to announce the SAP and Sprinklr business partnership, whereby Sprinklr would be available for purchase through our Hybris customer engagement and commerce solution offering.

As part of our BeyondCRM launch, we held an industry event at Yankee Stadium. This event brought together SAP customers, prospects, and industry leaders/executives.

Q: What were your social goals for the event?

Our goals was to increase Run Simple awareness and its extension through the BeyondCRM product launch.

Additionally, we wanted to “wow” our customers and prospects with the power of real-time data visualizations of social media. By leading through example, we demonstrated our passion for digital transformation, leveraging SAP HANA, SAP Cloud for Customer, and SAP-Hybris/Sprinklr technologies.

Q. Why did you choose to feature Sprinklr's Command Center at your “BeyondCRM” launch?

What we like about the Sprinklr Command Center is how simple and attractive social media data are visualized, and that it presents real-time social media conversations in an engaging and educational way for our audience. It was also a seamless, quick, and easy add-on to our existing global social media listening platform, pulling in conversations relevant to both SAP and Hybris.

The Command Center also showcased the power of social media by allowing event guests to partake in real-time, social conversations about the brand – all of which positioned SAP as an industry leader. SAP is helping its customers transform for the digital age, and the Sprinklr Command Center provides a customer-facing, concrete example of how SAP is leading this space.

Q. Was the event a success? How so?

Quantitatively, we saw a threefold increase in earned social media conversations around Run Simple and SAP CRM business solutions.

But what really blew us away, was the qualitative feedback.

The executives and marketers on-site called the event a huge success. For many participants, it was their first time seeing social media information displayed real time, and in this type of format. Everyone was excited to view and wanted to better understand the data visualizations and trends.

This excitement traveled well beyond Yankee Stadium.

We had Sprinklr’s Command Center installed at HQ, so employees at the office were engaging with us during the event, even though they weren’t physically there. Additionally, SAP’s CMO Maggie Chan Jones has Command Center dashboards embedded into her CMO dashboard and was monitoring the event real-time:

Q. How else do you see Sprinklr’s Command Center being valuable?

Our marketing team is now positioned as a leader in social media within the organization, and we’ve been requested to repeat Command Center installations at future customer-facing events. In the coming months, we’ll be piloting Command Center installations at our executive briefing centers.  The idea is that whenever a client walks into our briefing center, they’ll be able see real-time social media conversations about trending topics in their industry or even their brand.

Given the success of this event, I can see many future uses for the Command Center both for internal and customer-facing events.

About the featured guest:

Jerry Nichols is currently the Global Head of Marketing Performance Management at SAP, where he leads the efforts to ensure that SAP Marketing achieves its organizational objectives. Jerry is both a marketing and analytics enthusiast: writing blogs and speaking at the DMA and other professional venues. He is on the DMA programming advisory and is on the Board of Directors for Marketing EDGE. Jerry has a Master's Degree in Mathematical Sciences/Statistics from Virginia Commonwealth University and lives in New York, NY.