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Hello Everyone,

This is my first Blog at SCN so wish me all the best and lets start!!

I would like to begin with simple topics and gradually we will move on to more important ones'.

Local Client Copy:

Client Copy as the name suggests, is to copy one client to another in SAP.

If you are copying Clients within the Same SAP system i.e for example you are copying client from DEV 100 to DEV 200 it is called local client copy.

Client Copy Steps:

  1. Define the logical system that the new client is to represent. To do this use the transaction SM30 and maintain the view V_TBDLS (or) use the transaction BD54.
  2. Next step is to create the new client. To do this, go to the transaction SCC4. Define a new client, Give all the details like the Logical system, CLient role, currency, transport changeability options for cross client and client dependent objects.
  3. Next Step is to login to the new client. Since this is a newly created client, there will not be any users created yet other than the standard users SAP* and DDIC. use the SAP* user and password "pass" to login. if it does not allow you, it could be because the login using the sap* user has been disabled.

       In the instance profile, change the profile parameter login/no_automatic_user_sapstar =0 and restart the application server.

       Then login using sap* and "pass"

   4.  Go to transaction SCCL, give details of the source client from where you want to copy & the copy profile i.e what data you would like to copy

       from  the  source.

   5.  Schedule it as a Background Job!!

   6.  Relax and Monitor the logs in SCC3

Here i want to clarify the terminology CLient Copy and Client Refresh. They both are essentially the same with a small difference.

The term Client Copy is used when your target client is newly created and completely empty.

The Term Client Refresh is used when your target client is already existing and contains some data.



P.S: please feel free to add your views or correct me if there is anything wrong.