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SAP JAWS Screen Reader Extension Installation and Configuration

SAP GUI 7.30 and JAWS 13

This document is intended to be used with the appropriate SAP Screen Reader Extension file:  xSRX_36-20002057

This document makes the assumption that Freedom Scientific JAWS screen reader software version 13, SAP GUI 7.30 and Adobe Reader version 9 or above is installed.

Follow the steps below

It is suggested that you give temporary local admin rights to the user prior to installation and then log on as the user to do the installation and configuration.  Local admin rights may be removed after the installation is complete.

  1. If JAWS screen reader software is not installed, install per Freedom Scientific instructions.
  2. If SAPGUI is not installed, install the latest SAPGUI version 730 and any patches. Both the executables and installation manual can be downloaded from the service market place.
  3. Configure the SAP GUI for JAWS. There are “Accessibility User” options for the SAPGUI which must be set.

SAPGUI configuration

Go to Start > Programs > SAP Front End > SAP GUI configuration. 

Choose Classic Theme, under Accessibility and scripting choose Accessibility and check all three checkboxes.

Choose Scripting and check only the Enable scripting check box, the other two must be unchecked.

Choose OK to apply the settings.

  1. After the SAPGUI is installed and configured install the screen reader extensions. 

SAP Screen Reader Installation

Verify no previous Screen Reader Extension installed on your PC.  If you see the previous version installed, then uninstall the old version and install the new version.

(Download the latest version software available from the Service Market Place)

Start the installation of the SAP Screen Reader Extension by running the file xSRX_XX-20002057. (XX indicates the version number)


Note: If the “Your system does not fulfill the prerequisites” screen appears when installing you need to verify that you have correctly installed JAWS and the SAPGUI or that Screen Reader Extensions are not already loaded.

Choose Next to continue and follow on screen instructions

There are two sets of files which must be installed in directories specific to the operating system.  The installer generally identifies the correct directories; accept the defaults. Choose Next to continue and follow on screen instructions

You should receive the completed installation message – Choose Close to finish the installation

Verify Screen Reader Extension installed by using add/remove programs in the control panel.  There will be a separate line for “SAP Screen Reader Extension”

Reboot the PC.

Log on as the user (still with local admin rights), make sure JAWS is started.

Start SAP and press Alt+F12 or use the mouse to select Customize Local Layout.

Choose Options

Verify Classic Theme and three checkboxes checked for Accessibility options

Choose Scripting

Verify only Enable scripting checkbox is checked for Scripting options.

Close all SAP windows and Restart SAP. 

Note: Jaws should still be running.

On this screen press the following key combinations.  Insert + 6.  That is the Insert key and the numeral 6 key, the numeral 6 key must be the one on the main keyboard NOT the one on the number pad.  You should now have a Jaws Configuration Manager screen that looks like the below screen.  Take note the Application on this window should be sapfront.

Expand Speech Verbosity and Select Verbosity Level.

From the speech Verbosity menu select the Verbosity Level and set to Beginner, Highest.

Generally all other options are set at the default.  The end user may require specific settings.

Select OK to close the window.

Close all windows and reboot the computer.

Jaws should start with Windows and announce the Windows logon.  If this does not happen, then the Jaws option to start when Windows starts was not selected during setup and needs to be set via the Jaws Options > Basics menu.

5.   Verify Adobe setup for Pay Statement use with JAWS.  In order for a Pay Statement to display properly for a JAWS user the image has to appear in a new window. Start Adobe Reader, Go to the menu bar, File > Edit > Preferences > Internet > Uncheck  Display PDF in Browser.  OK>.