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As I couldn’t find much information on SDN about SAP Invoice Management by Open Text or SIM for short, I decided to write this blog. In this blog I want to give a general overview of SIM. It is not technical, but more a short functional overview.


SAP Invoice Management by Open Text is a solution for processing incoming invoices. It is for both po as non-PO invoices. As of the end of 2008 SAP added SIM to it’s price list. And it is now the official SAP solution for processing incoming invoices. It covers the whole process from scanning until releasing the invoice for payment.


The solution provides an OCR option by using Invoice Capture Center. Invoice Capture Center is integrated with SIM. This means after the validation of the recognized data, the invoice plus the OCR data is sent to SAP where process continues. At first checks are done on the data. Examples of these checks are duplicate checks, validity of the vendor, or validity of the tax data. These checks are configurable so you can decide which checks should be performed and which not. If all no exceptions are raised form the checks it is possible to have the system create the document in SAP.


For a financial invoice this will be a parked document on header level. Depending on the settings this invoice will go automatically for approval. The first approver has the option to enter the financial information on line level. After complete approval of the invoice it will be posted automatically and be released for payment.


For a logistic invoice this is possible also, but usually the invoice is posted by accounts payable, or if the line items are recognized on the invoice it is even possible to do the posting automatically. After posting a three way match is done to see if there are any blocks on the invoice. If there are these will be sent to the responsible parties to deal with. After the blocks are solved the invoice will be released for payment.


The solution provides pre-configured checks, workflows with a webapproval and monitoring reports.


On the SAP website more information can be found. Also on this page a nice flash demo of the product.


Check the SAP website: