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This is another opportunity in Poland to connect with your peers, to expand your professional network and to learn from each other. #sitWRO, thank you for great inspiration!


The first SAP Inside Track will come to Warsaw on Saturday, 21. September 2019. The event will start at 8:30 (registration) and will end at 17:00.


The #sitWAW will be hosted by KMD Poland, 4th floor, Inflancka 4A, 00-189 Warszawa.


The event is free of costs but with limited number of seats. We would like to invite up to 50 participants. Use this link for registration.

Call for speakers!

The list of speakers and topics is complete at this specific moment. If you would consider to be presenter in case of unexpected absence of other presenters you can still register your topics using this #sitWAW Call for speakers form.


We will start at 8:30 and we going to finish at 17. In the meantime we plan 1 lunch break and 3 coffe breakes. The rest of time during the event will be filled with these exiting topics 🙂

Speaker Subject Description
Anne Johnson Workshop: Future Scenarios in our Businesses why & how My Workshop example is about the importance of Future Scenarios, how you start them, and explain the value they create in your business. It will be a small dive into using Future Scenarios, with a small creative brainstorm session to help give insight into the mindset of Future Scenario Workshops. Creating the future of the world!
Beata Dąbkowska Bringing Value-Added for Digital Business with S/4HANA using API-led architecture. In the session I would like to highlight and share experiences from an S/4HANA PoC project
where we among others explored the potential of modern APIs for business.
Which benefits does the S/4HANA bring in context of APIs, how to leverage the new possibilities,
and how to build effective, innovative applications using APIs.In the session we will explore S/4HANA new REST APIs - uniform and documented interfaces.
We will see how we can easily extend existing solutions by using APIs from SAP as building blocks
of innovative applications for the digital age.
Filip Szafarz & Tomasz Jankowski SAP IDEX component as alternative for workflow? "How many times your company had requirement to build small/medium business process with external systems integration? Building a workflow was the only choice then with follow up task to build tracking tool/error handling of the whole process.
During the session we would like to introduce utility component SAP IDEX and usage of that framework in non utility business processes. We will show benefits from business user perspective as well as technical perspective - integration with other ERP component. Finally we try to tackle next version of that component (MPM) including benefits and problems during implementation.We will be showing our view from utility company perspective but we would be delighted to hear your experience in standard ERP workflow based processes."
Michal Krawczyk How to write SAP Press books ? Did you ever think about writing an SAP Press book ? Why not? Do you have any kind of knowledge you'd like to share with other people? Maybe you just don't have the courage to start writing ? Come and join the session where an author of 6 SAP books and SAP Mentor - Michal Krawczyk - will show you exactly how to start writing your first SAP Press book and why do you need to do this.
Sebastian Banaś Introduction to SAP Analytics cloud Introduction to main features of the SAC, what data source can we use, how to build simple model, what are the tools to present data in effective and efficient way.
Witalij Rudnicki Update on the SAP Developer Center SAP Developer Center is still a hidden gem that many people in our SAP community have not yet fully discovered. The goal of this session is to share the status and the direction we are taking at SAP to help you with it!
Piotr Jarema Getting the best of cloud and on-prem - building a hybrid system landscape with SAP PO and CPI. Introduction to hybrid deployments focusing on integration aspects basing on examples with SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Cloud Platform Integration. Workshop will introduce how SAP middleware solutions can help with implementing digital transformation process in a standardized and cautious way. Best practices and recommendations, examples of rapid deployments solutions using pre-delivered content, enterprise integration patterns and custom interface solutions. Everything shown basing on real life projects of e-commerce and retail industry examples.
Szymon Kołaczyński End-2-End debugging in S/4HANA: how-to-do from Fiori user perspective Changing from well know GUI interfaces to the world of Fiori applications is a big change not only for business Users but also SAP consultants and ABAP developers.
In this session we’ll clarify how and where to start whenever you need to troubleshot and debug standard Fiori application. Followed by the system demonstration we’ll go through the new technology stack introduced by S/4HANA, present tools which may support you and give practical hints on how to approach bug-finding and new code-line analysis based on the experience from greenfield S/4HANA project.
Katrzyna Nowak Project screw up I will show you what to do to gracefully kill every project.
Grzegorz Skierczynski Ørsted road towards DevOps for SAP

Development and operations is relatively new software development practices which triggers cross functional mode of working with short development cycles.

This approach in addition to other revolutionary things requires continuous automated testing and release automation which is virtually in contradiction to SAP Change Control Management (CHARM).

In this short session I would like to describe how in Ørsted we have tackled all those challenges and which features of Solution Manager 7.2 we have used successfully (and not).

I will briefly present our CHARM set-up, describe release process and share our experience about things like Downgrade protection (DP), Cross Reference Check, Component Based Test Framework (CBTA), Business Process Change Analyser (BCPA) …



Please, book that day in your calendar and share the information with your colleagues. Check other SAP Inside Track events on


And see you in Warsaw!  Bartek 🙂