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Right after painful days (thanks to tough Nordic hiring processes), I was able to start blogging being two weeks late, but still late is better then none 🙂

This Inside track was super important for me than the others and there were two major reasons to it.
First - It was in Walldorf (Visiting the town and feeling SAP spirit in place was my dream since decades)
Second- This was my first inside track attendance as a ‘speaker!’
It was totally crazy for me to apply as a speaker at first, but with my acceptance of presentation proposal, such craziness was also approved by council  🙂

Below are the important highlights and my personal experience:

Keynote by Frank Köhntopp Are you doing open source right?
Frank shared insightful ideas about security in Open Source and tools to secure your code. Also there were very useful tips regarding security and free tools for github repositories.


Midway through the session were also tough questions, where every single one of them made me think again! It is a great way to make people think by asking questions to attract the attention of the event participants. I will use the same method in my second presentation.


7a519509aed84a2c9e6f627841825b5a - Automate checking your CPI integration flows
Morten’s session was related his new Open SourceCloud Integration tool called  CPILint, which I found to be a very useful tool. The tool automatically checks your integration flows against a number of different rules. The rules cover best practices, connectivity, security and more. I think those aspects makes this tool very special and also automating the process rules with your own set of rules is a really interesting side of CPILint.  And here is a useful blog to take a look: ‪

annejohnson - A deep-dive detectives tale into Design Thinking in SAP

Anne shared her profession about Design Thinking in the SAP world, communication, innovation and build processes. Such insightful stuff impressed me about importance of design thinking.Also her slides and even fonts were impressive and she gave a great example about creating different type of presentation types.

Lunch break
With a full trust of being a part time Nordic, I had to accept did a huge mistake going out without coat. The queue was long and the weather was cold, but it still had worth the wait as hamburgers were delicious!

After lunch, I was really excited and bit nervous about my upcoming presentation, which made me miss lots of others and I felt upset about it, especially julianahendel , tbroek  and Tobais Hoffman’s presentations.
If in the future I will experience the same issues, I seriously have to reconsider participating following tracks as a speaker 😞

My Session - Empowering Employee Work Conditions with IOT
Murphy was standing next to me since Friday night!
The live demo we did with dear friend Steeven Zeiss previous night was also great.
But around 11:30 p.m I had my first hard drive fail on my Mac. (never ever forget that blinking file screen). This was one of the most tough hardware fails I have ever experienced.
After a lot of attempts I finally managed to turn on my laptop and never turned it off till my presentation 🙂
Previously a lot of friend warned me about a live demo and Murphy. One of them seriously warned me to ‘never ever try because it fails every time!’
During the presentation, nightmare became reality when my mobile app failed!
While I was trying to focus on presenting my project, my hands were on the mobile app, trying to solve the issue.
On the other hand, my topic was extremely sensitive about highlighting multidisciplinary approach.
Medical Science, Neuroscience, Psychology, Computer Science, Math and  Chemistry are nested topics; thus without mentioning these topics understanding big picture is virtually impossible.
All these important subtopics and giving insight about each of them stressed me more than ever.
But i managed it all (at least did my best).
Even there were also critical supervised machine learning slides which are totally skipped, brain, IOT and SAP relations presented.
On the other and there is my personal experience which I considered share or not share(?)
That was my own personal experience, thus based on a true story and I gave it great emphasis imagining what is actually happening at background (brain-body) in tough situations. My ADHD story was planned however train station experience was totally last minute decision.
And right after the session those comments, twitter shares, DM’s moreover at dinner, listening other people own experiences made me more than happy,  this was the sign that proved me right: ‘I am spot on developing the right stuff!’
Furthermore, I got my new inside track speaker proposals which made me more than happy (yay!)
At the end of the day, lessons were learned and I was super happy about sharing all my stuff,including my own story...
I will share my Brain2SCP project in a different blog post.
This project is also in Portal Developer Challenge so a longer blog post required for my new baby!

Insights to SAP S/4HANA Cloud Projects - sven.denecken
This presentation was really has cool and had insights about S/4 Hana Cloud. Next generation processes, applying AI and process automations were the topics I highlighted. Also Sven gave a clear view about best practices in Activate Methodology and deployment tools.

And #sitKIDS were on the stage!
I’d also like to appreciate #sitKIDS organizers.
They did really great job and thanks to kids for those funny moments.

Everything was perfect and svea.becker , matthias.wild and jitendra.kansal hospitality made me feel at home.
Thank you for your sincere support and organizing a great dinner.
Although we were all dead tired, everyone around the table had a great time.

It is worth mentioning that leftover stickers desk, which I really loved!

Dear 1bf660afcf81417ca60d42962287a506  and antonieta.lopez  previously shared stickers and also my funny stuff were on that table.
For next inside tracks, I strongly recommend leftover stickers desk. I have still really cool stuff which I love to share 🙂

I’d also love to thank all sponsors who made this organization great.