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It's that time in the year when me, my fellow UK SAP Mentors and our friends in the SAP world begin thinking about this year's Inside Track event in the UK.  I've been involved with the event over the past few years, firstly in Manchester and then more recently in Sheffield where we've had the use of Sheffield Hallam University's facilities thanks to stephen.lofthouse It's a great event for so many reasons, mostly because a bunch of like-minded people get together, share knowledge and experiences with each other and generally have a fun time, often over a beer or two.

However the challenge we always seem to face in the UK is getting more people to attend.  We usually sell 100-150 tickets via Eventbrite for the event but typically have a no-show rate of 60-70%.  This is a problem for a number of reasons so this year we wanted to try and gather some feedback from our potential audience early on, to help influence the shape and content of the event.

To this end I created a simple survey using Google Forms, which has been published and open for over a month - SITnorth UK (SAP Inside Track UK 2016.  The idea was to get some insight into times, locations, content, etc. that would interest people and hopefully encourage them to attend.  Since it was first published, it has had only 37 responses, which in itself is pretty disappointing.

Interestingly, the number of clicks to the survey compared to the number of responses correlate pretty well with our tickets purchased via attendees of the actual event:

Anyway, here are the outcomes of the survey to date.  This will shape how we plan the event later this year:

I'll post a follow-up once we've had time to digest this information and figured out what it means, however thought some of the results would be useful insight for others thinking about Inside Track events.