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Sap Inside Track event in Noida started with a warm welcome from Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Rana Sir, Excellent overview on SAP ECO System by Mohd. A K Rao from SAP, followed by introduction & Overview by Mahesh Kumar CV.

As part of event, there were three tracks namely Analytics, Functional and Technical with ten presentations per track for the event.

I was part of Functional track, Topics presented by speakers were eminent in terms of content and delivery. Provided insights into great amount of learning for all the participants.

SAP SCN Inside track (Noida) has undoubtedly provided a venue to share and learn and enlighten in respective streams - analytics, technical and functional streams.

Being part of SCN Inside track events in Hyderabad, Chennai and Noida as a speaker and having met with Mahesh and his Team I have learnt that the journey has just began and many more events to come which inturn help community members to participate to learn, share and enlighten in knowledge.

Am amazed with the hospitality and professionalism of Amity University students. Undoubtedly the event was well organized and managed professioanlly.

It was a great oppurtunity to network with different eminent people like Mahesh Kumar CV, Kumar Mayuresh, Mohd A K Rao, and others from different streams.

Am glad to be part of Top three speakers in functional stream.

Finally would like to thank Mr.Mahesh Kumar CV and his dedicated "TEAM" who made a great difference in influencing the SAP Community group by organizing three major SIT events in such a short time in three metro cities.Every event so far is a successful event than the earlier event.