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July 26 2014 – SAP Noida community participated in its second ever SAP Inside Track event. The planning for the event started two months ago . It has been a long time since many of us were waiting eagerly for the day. We were eagerly waiting for this day since a long time.

How it all began:

Promotion of SAP Inside Track event started with writing a blog which talks about SAP Inside Track and reached out to our fellow SCN members through the community in all forms possible - Word of mouth, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and wallpapers to drive maximum participation. In parallel, we started reaching out to our participants for Presentations.

Join Us For SAP Inside Track Noida  ( Delhi –Gurgaon)  On  26 JULY 2014  -- Gain Knowledge

We received close to 490 Participant nominations & 40 Speaker Session nominations for presenting at SIT Noida. We had three tracks namely Analytics, Functional and Technical with ten presentations (all live) per track for the event.

SIT Noida 2014 - Event Schedule & Sessions Details Track Wise

Start of the event:

It started with a warm welcome from Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Rana Sir, Excellent overview on SAP ECO System by Mohd. A K Rao from SAP, followed by introduction & Overview by Mahesh Kumar CV. They shared the success stories of SCN community and the programs driven by Kumar Mayuresh & Mridul Kohli. They also welcomed us for a thrilling day filled with knowledge sharing and networking.

The event was "Community" driven and this made it more special. The sessions have been very interactive and enriched the audience with the latest happenings around the topic of discussions. It is always very pleasing to see the presenters willing to share and contribute to the community; their experiences and learnings.Moreover, the very enthusiastic audience utilized this opportunity at their best.

Big Thanks to the wonderful speakers who made the day more knowledgeable.

It was a very well start up of the event considering the number of participants which was followed by a sumptuous lunch where the most networking happened & then we resumed again with tracks and continued to share the valuable knowledge to all the attendees.

We had taken a decision to encourage community members that no Speaker from Organizing team & SAP Speakers are eligible for Top Three Speakers Competition (All Tracks).We thanks SAP Employers for accepting this great initiation.

The day of Knowledge sharing ended with a wrap-up session where the local community members shared what they liked about SIT& the announcement of Top 3 speakers per track commenced.

The volunteers (Amity Students) unmatched contribution ensured that all participants were smoothly inducted into the event and had a great learning experience throughout the eight hours duration of the event.

It was quite inspiring to meet and talk to different people and be in those sessions. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Amity University Management, SCN, Stargaze & all the volunteers (Amity Students), presenters who shared their experience, knowledge and also the Participants. It was truly a well-organized and managed effort from the organizers and volunteers (Amity Students).

Final Words

Our sponsor Amity University was kind enough to give a gift to every speaker at the end of the session each session. All the prizes were distributed by (Dr.) Ajay Rana Sir & Prof. (Dr.) Sunil Kumar Khatri

SIT India Groups

Face book group SAP Inside Track India to connect and share among the local community members across the globe. As well on LinkedIn - SAP Inside Track India LinkedIn Group is created especially for SAP Inside Track India. To find out the happening about SIT - Please Join us.

It gives me immense pleasure to witness one of the biggest Inside track events with 135 active participants, excluding Amity Students & with a total of 30 sessions in 3 Tracks.

The success of the event has definitely boosted our enthusiasm to host more such community events in Noida.

Awesome Cultural Performance by Amity Students.

SIT Noida 2014 Pics:

SAP Inside Track - @ Amity University - Noida - 26th July 2014 - an album on Flickr

Participant Blogs:

Media Team: Special thanks to Amity School of Communication students: for covering then entire event.