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For the 2nd time in Munich

After a great SAP Inside Track event last year (you can read a summary about there here) it was a real pleasure for us to hold this community driven event again here in Munich. Of course the SITMuc organizing team (gregor.wolf4, damir.majer and martin.steinberg with great support by the SAP Stammtisch München) decided to do that at the Impact HUB Munich a collaboration platform with that (as the SAP colleagues named it) "garage feeling" - an environment attracting creative, social, sustainable start-ups and community events.

We were glad that about 55 attendees came to the SAP Inside Track event on Saturday, 11th of October 2014. As this is a community event it's a real great feeling to see people coming from anywhere for knowledge exchange, networking, meet interesting people and simply having a great time.

Thank you so much to all our attendees for joining us here in Munich - it was a fantastic weekend and we hope you enjoyed it.

Please refer our wiki page for more information about the event. You will find the schedule here.

And do not forget to visit our photo album - there are many really great shots - have fun :smile:

On saturday morning there were only a few preparations to be done - most important the legendary Twitter wall by gregor.wolf and of course the speaking desk consisting of beer crates (we are in Munich).

Agile ABAP interactive programming session

damir.majer and martin.steinberg started with their contribution about Test Driven Development (TDD) in an SAP environment. The session was about working with different people speaking different languages and even are not "on-premise" when working with them (like kunath.uwe was not in Munich during the presentation). Furthermore it was about the issues you face when applying new methodologies and development environments. It became a real interactive session with lot of hints by the speactators. We talked about testable components and how the test-first-approach works - and it even works better using a mocking framework, like mockA released - an open source ABAP Mocking Framework by kunath.uwe. Especially thanks to Uwe who supported us to create this session format and wrote a blog about it. So by reading this blog you can try out the session content by yourself.

AMDP - not just another four letter acronym

The next session was jasmin.gruschke's talk about ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP). As mentioned above everybody talks about (ABAP on) SAP HANA and "state-of-the-art" ABAP applications. So this session was ideal for clearing out what AMDP really are, what you need to know for implementation and even the latest features provided by the latest release AS ABAP 7.40 SP08.

If you're planning to attend SAP TechEd && d-code Berlin then don't miss her hands-on-session CD265.

Coolcats don’t use customizing -

How BRFplus & DSM and can help you

to build state-of-the-art and even next-generation Apps

Now it was the time for daniel.ridder and tobias.trapp  talking about implementing flexible ABAP applications by usage of the BRF+ framework. From my own perspective (I had nothing to do with that framework before, just heard about that) this topic is a must for every ABAP developer and architect. They showed how an application can be built without the need of hard coded business logic - and that's a big point. They showed a way to break up with inflexible, expensive, cemented business applications and raised curiosity about SAP Business Rules Management. As they stated a developer needs about one or two months to get very familiar with this framework - so do not hesitate, try it out 🙂

Paradigm Changes  – Blessing or Curse?

It was a real pleasure to have eric.westenberger here in Munich. He talked about the paradigm changes happening at the moment within the SAP ecosystem. His talk encouraged the audience to think about how applications could look like in the next decade.

Time for lunch - the sexy salad

Like 2013 the attendees had to prepare their meal for lunch by themselves. The ingridients were from local suppliers and organic, of course 🙂 What we like best doing the "sexy salad" is that people have time to talk to each other on topics which are not technical. It's a good opportunity to get to know each other a bit better.

ABAP Test Cockpit in action with Doctor ZedGe and abap2xlsx

alessandro.lavazzi2 showed us their own-built solution called "Doctor ZedGe" which is an analysis tool and implemented as an add-on to the ABAP Test Cokcpit. It's a very interesting topic not only for quality experts. Have a look here for detailled information.

Sneak peak: how to access ADT REST Resources via HTTP

thomasalexander.ritter joined us for the SAP CodeJam the day before and we were very glad that he hosted a session about the REST based access on ABAP repository objects (especially ABAP source code).

But his lightning talk was just the introduction to his real contribution:

Surprise Session - "The 3rd Coffee Wave"

In fact, I had never thought so much about coffee itself. Of course, some people try to buy fair trade and organic but this session opened up my mind and widened my horizon in this topic. As far as I understood the new movement called "3rd Wave of Coffee" is all about producing coffee with the best possible quality and celebrate the preparation. If you are interested have a look here.

There are so many more pictures to be found on our album - check it out.

Automated Processes based on Cloud Sensors

Within this session the brand new SAP Mentor mark.teichmann2 presented his solution for using sensor data in combination with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform for triggering automated processes. He wrote a blog about that so have a look here - it's really interesting stuff as the IoT topic becomes more and more important.

SAP Fiori-like Apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

bertram.ganz presented the new functions and services on SAP HANA Cloud Platform to realize various SAP Fiori application scenarios: easily experience SAP Fiori Principal applications with the new 'SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition', apply own custom extensions to SAP Fiori apps and connect them to your on-premise backend system. Also he presented how you can build and run internet-facing applications based on SAP Fiori UI technologies (SAPUI5, Fiori Launchpad, SAP Web IDE, UI theme designer) and the HTML5 Infrastructure on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (Git Repository, Dispatcher Service).

The after-conference event

As the "official event" was over the attendees headed over to Neuhauer Augustiner for having dinner and some beers.

Unfortunately there are no pics maybe you have taken some, so we could add them to our album. Just reach out to us.

For the 3rd time

It was a real great event this year and we are looking forward to 10th of October 2015 - when sitMUC will take place the 3rd time.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Munich then.