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This is about the first ever SAP community event in Chennai. It was an amazing journey to get the first #sitchn hosted. It was in the mid of November when i have

received the invite from dipankar.saha about the SAP Inside track and  i actually planned to attend this event in Bangalore, since the previous survey for the location there was very very few responses  for Chennai. So i actually planned to enroll for #sitblr or attend virtually.

Again as i heard that #sithyd is hosted i wanted this to happen in chennai, i reached @Dipankar saha and checked if i have still option of

host it from Chennai, he was so much supportive and he informed if i can have enough participants and presentations then i can surely have

it from chennai, so came the plan for the  #sitchn. Same time arun.balag also jumped in to bring this event to chennai.

Since we have met earlier in previous SAP events and have discussed about having the SAP chennai event.

As we started working on this sitchn  we received the inputs from dipan.shah @somnath Manna for hosting the session.

I was looking for venue and never knew that my own organization would be kind enough to provide me venue ( And also all support), again it was

dipankar.saha Saha who helped me to get the venue also.

Now we had the dates finalised and venue was almost confirmed , so the next one was to spread the message of the event.

i tried to reach to all the SAP sources i had in my contacts and few enrollments starting coming in. We were running on the single digit

registration and the only one presentation that was available was my kanban presentation, then came the second one from arunbala.

It was same time i had a option from dipankar if required i can host it on dec 15 along with bangalore, i felt really lucky since this will add one more week

to plan and organize in better way.

I started mailing to every one who registered and requested for the support to spread the message. It worked well and all the people

who registered started spreading this message i was lucky enough to get support from many people.The registrations were improving

and so was the volunteers for the presentation. The count went from 5 to 10 to 30 to 40 in 2 weeks time, this increase in the registrations

gave us the energy to make it better. The event page in the facebook( also helped to spread the message faster ( later realised that i should have tried this as my first choice.)

I have to mention few people who said immediately yes for presentations Rajeshkumar,SureshKK,Ezhilselvan. And these people mani,rajasekhar,madhavanrajan

who voluntered themselves for the presentations.

And apart i also received repeated emails, sms from mani,bala,rajasekhar, who expressed their interest to extend whatever help was required.

In parallel to all this the venue , clearance for the access for particpants , support from facilities everything fallen in place.

It was on Dec 14th .. i did my final download and checked that i had 45 people registered, I closed my last mail for the participants

with the details of the venue, parking details , registration details etc. Also checked with the facilities team for the arrangements and all was perfect.

The above all the things which we worked to make the @sitchn happen, my next blog will the #sitchn - After report.