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Update: Check out my latest blog for more recent updates on SIT India 2012 :

SAP Inside Track India 2012 - Final call for registration and session proposals

Though after I posted my last blog on SAP Inside Track India 2012 survey, couple of months back, we have not received a very enthusiastic result, it wasvinoda.macha2 from Hyderabad who took the initiative and reached out to me expressing her interest to organize the event in her city. Though it will be her first time experience of SIT event, she showed a great enthusiasm and dedication towards planning the event and related logistics and actually finalized it for December 8 by arranging the venue and quite a number of session proposals even. To my opinion this is a great example of how any community member can come forward on her own to arrange SIT event in her city and need not have to be an SAP Mentor already for that. Vinoda has already created a wiki page as well announcing the basic event information.

As we had it in Bengaluru for the past two years and in Kolkata last year, why not we make that happen this year as well? As I expressed my wish in the last year's event in Kolkata that we want to expand to other cities in India as well from next year, I am very glad to see my wish coming true with Vinoda taking the lead this time and organizing it in Hyderabad for the first time ever.

But to organize the event successfully in each cities we need sufficient number of session proposals and participants at the venue. So if you are either in Hyderabad or Kolkata or Bengaluru on Dec 8 this year do register right away in the following link : SAP Inside Track India 2012 Registration You can also specify the topic if you want to present in the event on anything around SAP which might be of interest to the community. We are trying to organize surprise gifts for the presenters as a token of thanks from our sponsors. We will also try to arrange some sessions by SAP Mentors across the globe as well as topic experts from SAP and the community, if possible, remotely.

As of now though the venue for Hyderabad is finalized at Deloitte office @ RMZ Futura, we do not have confirmations for venues at Kolkata and Bengaluru. So if you or your company can sponsor the venue at Kolkata or Bengaluru, please let us know at

Also I like to mention that we can only organize the event in a location if we have atleast 15 participants and 5 session proposals in that location and it is a community organized event for the community only, which cannot happen without your active support and participation. So if you want to be part of this amazing community get-together do register right now and make it happen - even bigger and better this time!

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