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On May 9th 2020 the fourth SAP Inside Track in Hannover will take place.

I would like to invite you to visit Hannover and the SAP Community.

What is an SAP Inside Track?

The SAP Inside Track is an SAP community event. Speakers and listeners are from the great SAP community. There will be - mostly technical - talks about latest - mostly SAP related - technology, programming techniques, programming methods and models, hardware related issues, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and other hot stuff.

Meet the experts, evangelists and all the interesting people throughout the community.

It is a great option to learn and get in touch with SAP enthusiasts from your region or your field of interest.

Hannover or Hanover?

In the past there was a lot of confusion about the notation of lower-saxonys capital. Sometime you see HANNOVER and sometime HANOVER (only one N).

HANOVER is the international spelling of the city. HANNOVER is the german name.

To prevent any irritations I decided to only use the german spelling HANNOVER in any tweets, posts and announcements.

Speakers wanted

If you want to take the chance to present your favorite project or current experiences with latest technologies, unknown features or old-style programming, please make a session proposal.


Registration is open at sitreg. Feel free to register and book your seat at the event.


We will provide a session list as soon as possible,

Date collisions... ?️?

Over the years there are a lot of SAP Inside Tracks all over Germany and the world. When organizing the event, it is really hard to consider all relevant facts that might cause someone to come or not to come. If there is another SAP Inside Track a week before or a week after somewhere in Germany, it might be too much for people who want to visit all Inside Tracks. Some dates are in holidays, in German soccer league period, near to carnival or other more or less important and more or less personal events (parties, birthdays, engagements, ...).

In my opinion, the SAP Inside Track is a regional event. It's worth travelling a few hours for the event if you are interested in the sessions but there is no need to do go up at 4 am in the morning and be home at 12 pm the next day. Especially if you have house, kids, family and other hobbies. So my interest is, that a lot of SAP Inside Tracks will be started in many, many cities so that a lot of people nearby can take the chance to visit an inside track.


Follow the twitter handle @SAPInsideTrack or follow the unique hash tags for each location to see interesting news about the SAP Inside Track.

#sitHVR - Hannover

#sitBER - Berlin

#sitHH - Hamburg

#sitWDF - Walldorf

#sitNL - Netherlands

and many more


The SAP Inside Track Hannover 2020 will take place at Inwerken Headquarter:


Pappelweg 5
30916 Iserhnagen

Make sure to insert INSERNHAGEN into your navigation system; not Hannover!

Latest Information

For more information, latest news and session list, please visit


For any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me!



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