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On Saturday, November 25th we’re hosting our second SAP Inside Track event at the KMD offices, and you are invited! Many community members heeded the Call for Speakers, and based on their proposals, we now have the agenda for the day ready. You will find it as well as registration information below. All other details can be found on the event's wiki page.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Caring about ABAP code quality by Lars Hvam

We have all seen bad code, but what identifies bad code? This presentation will give an opinion about ABAP code quality, and how to improve it using free, open-source tools. Plus a short update on the latest in the world of abapGit.

Learnings from a real life S/4HANA conversion project by Allan Jakobsen

Allan will walk you through his approach to and learnings from a customer project that converted an existing Business Suite system with a non-HANA database to S/4HANA 1610. He will share ideas and thoughts on how to approach a conversion project, how to organize it and how to execute it to achieve the project’s goals.

Applied Design Thinking and UX by Stellan Flinkfeldt

Why working with UX can make a huge impact on some processes, and why Design Thinking in most cases is the only way to succeed in a UX project. Stellan will share his experience from a few different successful projects and also perform a live demonstration of rapid deployment of a Fiori app.

A paradigm of change in the SAP world by Anne Johnson

SAP’s future is embodied in the Agile method, design-focus and a human-centered approach. What does that mean for business culture, and how does that affect us as SAP partners? A short introduction to SAP and Design Thinking strategy for business cultures and environments. Based on Anne’s learnings from the 2017 d.confestival at the Hasso Plattner Institute.

How to become an SAP YouTube star by Daniel Graversen

In this presentation, we cover how to share your knowledge with the world via video. During the presentation, we will create a live video and share it on YouTube and LinkedIn.

The challenges in end-to-end SAP interface testing by Frank van der Plas

In this presentation, we not only look at the impact of the new technologies in the integration space, but also what it means for working cross-team and having a high level of re-use within the deployment of integration scenarios. Because of rapid business change, interfaces need to be resilient and they require continuous testing. Not only of changes and new functionality, but also to ensure that there are no new issues introduced. We will also add some interface testing information from the International Focus Group for Integration survey from 2017.

Putting pen to paper: Writing an SAP book by Morten Wittrock

In this session, Morten will recount his experience writing a book for SAP PRESS. You will learn what the process is like, how to get started writing a book, and some do’s and dont’s that will make your writing life easier.


To get your free ticket, please go the event’s Eventbrite page.