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First and foremost, i would like to express my gratitude for kind invitation for SAP Inside Track Barcelona. #SITBCN was practically my first Inside Track experience. Previously, i was following sit sessions online. Streaming and virtual event technology offers huge opportunities but physical attendance made me feel different, more involved and more focused. Having able to connect with peers, learn from each other, sharing experiences made a huge difference. SAP Inside Track Barcelona was literally mind shifter event for me and I’ve already started to follow next possible Inside Track events that i can physically attend 🙂

Now I’d like turn my SAP Inside Track Barcelona experiences. Sessions were remarkable and so informative. Inspired by great presentations. Mentor’s insightful presentations contained several innovative ideas that i am already considering on my mind. This was also improved me that, i am on technically correct way 🙂

The event hall was super cool place, i can’t imagine cooler place than Enel Building for organizing this kind of event.

As seen on the below pictures, first i had a seat at the end of the room but i easily get involved into the sessions. Sound system and screens were enough even for a person sitting at the end of the hall. Snacks and drinks were also fantastic. At the breaks i had a chance to meet new people and breaks were so important opportunity for networking.

Because of some health issues I lost my chance to attend morning sessions 😞
I’d like to share some highlights about the sessions that i could attend;

Integrating Tensorflow with SAP HANA - Phillip Nell
My all questions about  Tensorflow replied with this presentation.Understanding  Tensorflow architecture and when to use  Tensorflow‪and integration with HANA was really worthy informations.At the end of the presentation there were also cool car brand recognition demonstration.


AWS Connector for SAP - Ricardo Casanovas 
In this session i had a chance to look closer AWS connector for sap.It was really good session for understanding architecture and deep dived into document storage, data Archiving sides with use cases presentation. Connection with AWS was totally black box for me and with this presentation now i can say i have enough information about AWS connection.

Demystifying SAP Leonardo IoT Edge Services - Antonio Pascual, Noé Jiménez 
Another cool session for understanding SAP Edge and the IoT4.0 service will facilitate data ingestion and streamline IoT scenarios.


Google SAPssistant- Jose Antonio Torre 
At the beginning of the session i said omg!  Speaking with the system?  Talking with SAP?
I have a Nvidia shield tv at home and sometimes i am trying give a command like ‘open youtube’ then  feeling really so weird. I have same issues with Siri!  At this point I can’t imagine talking with SAP 🙂 Yes at the beginning, it was looking so weird but later i understood that how impressive technology and important session that i had a chance to attend.

ABAP in the SAP Cloud Platform - gregorw 
My mind is crystal clear about ABAP’s place in the Cloud. Where Abap Platform stands (side by side extensions) also service relations and tools for eclipse was the big picture that I needed to see. Thank you Gregor for sharing your deep knowledge.

SAP Cloud Platform Workflow - Javier Martin Dominguez 
SAP CP workflow is a very interesting tool available in the SAP Cloud Platform, we had a chance to look closer its functionalities.

Innovation with Purpose -  antonieta.lopez
This is the one of the inspiring sessions that i attended. Marietta Antonieta’s super sensitive and informative session was about ‪saving our planet with the UN global goals for sustainable development. After turning back to my home i watched the videos again. SAP Next-GEN doing amazing jobs. Inspired!

The ins and outs of SAP Cloud Platform's environments - 7a519509aed84a2c9e6f627841825b5a 
With this session Morten gave us an overview of the SAP Cloud Platform environments. Neo Envoirement, Multi Cloud, Cloud Foundy and its buildpacks slides are super informative and also understanding what is next, seeing big picture was so precious informations.

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning – Product Image Classification API - gharbi79 
For this hands-on experience there were some prerequisites like SAP Cloud Platform trial account, WebIDE services, own laptop everything already ready except my laptop battery 🙂
I’d like to thank dougmunford-dof for sharing his computer and we complete this hands-on session together 🙂 In this hands-on, we will build a Fiori App which classifies and categorizes Images on Internet without downloading them into a server.  We used app Google Custom Search Engine app to get images URLs based on our configuration, and then posted the content to the SAP Leonardo Product Image Classification API in order to classify them and put them into categories.

 Wrap-up and closing SIT Barcelona 2018 and sitKIDS Barcelona 2018 -  f502e87dffa543a7957f934e18de6f84
 Closing session was finished with the kids and their experiences with Lego Robotics


Special thanks f502e87dffa543a7957f934e18de6f84,  svea.becker , bernhard.luecke   for their their kind invitation and hospitality.I’d also thank  to dougmunford-dof , antonieta.lopez ,christian.braukmller4 for their companion.
Oh, there is also 7a519509aed84a2c9e6f627841825b5a that I need to specially thank. Sharing my ADHD story and telling him my passion about neuroscience and cognitive science, and sharing my future plans about IOT and neuro science was so important for me. Thank you listening my crazy ideas patiently 🙂

I am still so proud and feeling happy, being part of #SITBCN was an amazing experience.
I’ve also appreciate the sponsors who made my first experience unforgettable!