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We've recently announced the 10th SAP Inside Track of Istanbul which will be held on April 28th, 2018. You can find the details about #SITIST on xbarslan's blog.

SAP Inside Track is now a tradition for Istanbul, we are even having 2 Inside Track's in a year with 100+ participants each since 2016.

But, I'm writing this blog to announce the 3rd Inside Track for Ankara.

Long time ago, we organized 2 Inside Track's in 2011 and 2012.



After that time we had a long break and it is now time for the new one. Thanks to the friends in Ankara who took the responsibility, arranged location and sponsor for the event and May 5th is the date (a week later than #SITIST) for the event. Most of the speakers from #SITIST are going to #SITANK to support this event.


Location is arranged by fyildirim who works at Ted University and we'll use their location for the event.


Thanks to kadir.celikmih who helped us to have Havelsan as a sponsor for catering.

As usual, there'll be 3 SAP Press E-Book which will be given to the raffle winners at the end of the event.


We'll have the following agenda during the event:

Registration is open now. Please register at the following link: