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At the end of the event we conducted feedbacks from the participants.

Before continue to below responses, I suggest you to take a look at tammy.powlas3's social media analysis Another Tale of Two SAP Inside Tracks.

1. What is your relationship with SAP?

2. Which of the following technologies are using in your company?

3. Would you like to attend next SAP Inside Track?

4. Have you ever attended SAP Inside Track?

5. How did you hear about SAP Inside Track, this year?

6. Do you think the organization(food etc.) was enough for you?

7. How do you rate the event location?

8. What could be improved about the event?

As a summary,

  • More Customer Experience presentations,
  • More Live Demos,
  • Could be more than one session.

9. What session(s) or theme(s) would you want for future SAP Inside Tracks?

As a summary,

  • Hana Cloud Platform
  • Hana Cloud Integration
  • S/4 Hana migration
  • Technical sides of Hybris
  • Internet of Things
  • Fiori best practices and use cases

10. How do you evaluate these events?

As a summary,

  • Useful for networking and following new trending technologies.
  • Should be organized more often.
  • It is good to learning from the experts instead of reading documents.

11. Where else do you want to see the events like this?

Top voted 3 cities;

  • Ankara
  • Izmir
  • Bursa

Many thanks to all participants for their useful feedbacks.