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Hey guys my name is Sidney Gabriel and I'm working with SAP hana development at DUX Innovation and recently I had the opportunity to go to SAP Inside Track 2015 in Joinville(SC) , and it was a wonderful experience . many of the speakers are influential people in Brazil SAP community, what its cool. among the lectures  I would like to mention four of them.  node.js(by Marlo Simon) , learnig machine(by Bruno Lucatelli) , ui5(by Guilherme Seabra) and component ui5(by Fabio Pagoti).. I would like to congrats all the speakers and the whole event organization. ***photo below .

   Marlo Simon: Go with Node.js ? Yes, you'll need this in the SAP world!

   Bruno Lucatelli: Machine Learning 101 – Where to start?

   Guilherme Seabra: Developing an application UI5 on Hana.

   Fabio Pagoti: component U5.

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