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Whenever it comes to SAP - SCN has always been a place where i search for - be it Technical or Functional.

This is blog covers my experience with SAP Inside Track  / Bangalore, 2014.

As all SAP Community members know - SIT is an event organized by the Community members.
This is a meeting place for SCN moderators / community members and everyone keen to share knowledge

With this Blog, more than a coverage on the topics covered (which is vast) , i would like to bring a glimpse into what this event had in store.

I have had the opportunity to attend SAP TechEd twice - SAP inside Track, was a totally a new experience for me. That too, an event on local grassroots.


To start off with - @SIT - Bengaluru, took place at TCS center, International Tech Park. The session kicked off by 9:30pm, the 15th of Nov 2014.

- The Topics were a total of 30 sessions with 3 Tracks : Technical, Analytics and Functional.

This time, I was surprised to see a huge number of participants here. The crowd was a mix of Techno Functional -  with alot of questionares that followed.


Here, i was a Speaker on the topic : On-Demand / On-Cloud vs On Premise or Hybrid – What next ?

Besides the topic title, i also covered an overview on : SAML token Identification and OAuth authentication


More than a topic session, what i best liked was - it was like a "brain storming" / "thought process" session

I equally enjoyed the experience. I attended sessions more on the Technical Track and Analytics and one on Functional.

With TCS as the Hosting Partner, and Supporting Partners as : Big Data Force and Shroff Publishers and Distributors Private Limited, i strongly believe, with the well steam-lined sessions, this event, must have been a rewarding experience for all.

I was able to meet SAP aspirers / community members :
mahesh.kumar8, knairjitendrakumar.kansal, midhun.vpkumud.singh stanley.varghese nandakumar.sasidharan, @Nithin C Joseph  and many more -  the names, i really wish i could add in here....

Behind the scenes, there would definitely been alot of hard work and toiling that would have brought SIT - Blr to conclude with a positive note.

The participants voted for best presentation, I returned with a surprising experience of being one among the top 3 speakers on the Technical Track. And find this a rewarding experience to collect the recognition from Uma maheswaran / Vice President / SAP Labs India

The first time experience with Inside Track, was at Kochi - where from Allianz, me and joffy.john2 were speakers for the event.

Further down SIT success stories, hope SCN will be able to support and bring in more events like this.

Looking forward in reading blogs that covers more on the sessions covered @ SIT - Bangalore...

#SIT #SAP Cloud #SAML Authentication #OAuth