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I'm very glad to had an opportunity for attending InnoJam this year. Almost everything was great such coding rooms, foods and drinks except chilling room because there wasn't enough pillow to take a short nap at night :smile: . It was not the only opportunity and also there was another, which is, WindRose team. Who was the WindRose ?

The WindRose Team,

Team members, all from Turkey, which are experts on different skills. Beginning from left side serkan.zcan   beste

ridvan.polat, abdulbasit.gulsen and me at behind :smile: .


We organised 3 SCN Meetups in the Turkey before arriving to Barcelona. Since last meetup was too close to Innojam so subject was about preparation. Everyone has installed all required tools on their labtobs. Team shared the work to each members according their skills. A funny fact is nobody fully prepared :smile:

Idea Creation,

During the first day, from different areas such students, sap mentors and community members are divided into 18 team. All followed the design thinking process to generate innovative ideas. Our design thinking expert helped us to improve our idea. In my opinion, this step is the key of the all project. We spend about 4 hours to draw our idea on board.


After spending long time on design thinking process we started to code. We used Hana cloud platform, predictive analysis, fiori and SAP Jam as technological tools. Idea was simple and valuable. Our challenge briefly was how-to employees can be more proactive on the field. We thought that we should predict defects and fix them before occurs. The predictive analysis came to stage. Analyzed the data and created task on SAP Jam. Scheduled a program with XS engine which listens data with in an interval from analyzed data if it exceed then it created a task by using SAP Jam ODATA APIs. Once data created then employee received a notification on his mobile. After fixing defect he or she changed the status to completed and send task from mobile application back to Jam.

Final Presentation,

The final presentations started over 20 hours of coding and preparation. The presentation included business model and prototype demonstrations. All worked well as we expected. The jury, including representatives from the different teams which provided the challenges, had to make a really tough decision by choosing the winner.

Finally, It was full of experiences and fun for me. Being a part of Innojam will always stay a good memory to remember.

Many thanks to all my team friends, sap experts and mentors who was there all the day to help.

himpfs :smile:

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