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If you are here you have started learning HANA and i will help you out to my best.Before starting off there are few poeple for whom i need to say thanks

Stoyan Manchev, Thomas Jung and Rui Nogueira.

Please have a look at this blog to know about HANA and to get the free trail version Blog: SAP HANA for Beginners | SAP HANA

Lets begin and make our hands dirty. Today i will start with a basic example How to create a table in HANA database using HANA Studio.After you have installed HANA Studio go to HANA Modeler perpespective like below and you can see a Quick Launch screen will all the artifacts available in SAP HANA.

Left side you will find your HANA system details.

Expand Catalog folder to see the available schemas in system.Select and right on schema to create a table.

Enter Table Name and Table Type : ROW STORE or COLUMN STORE. Add fields to the table and activate.

Now you have created a table in HANA system... :smile: :smile: