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When it comes to SAP GUI Net weaver Handling, There are some points that a beginner should be knowing for a better understanding and handling of the GUI:

  • Here is the way your SAP GUI will look like initially when the you start it.

  • Now, we will discuss how, we can import all the connections/configurations of the systems in the SAP Logon so that you can logon to any required system of your choice.

To do this, we need "ini" files which are already having all the server/system configurations available or required. We need to copy these ini files to a particular path. To know this path, we can go to settings of the net weaver and check the path of the configuration files as shown below:

Go to options-->SAP Logon Options-->Local Configuration Files.

The above image shows the path of the local configuration files. Copy this path and paste in the address bar of your computer, there you can paste your INI files and restart the Net weaver Logon pad. You can see all the system connections as shown in the first image.

Now you can logon to any landscape system to do the monitoring, check reports and many more.

  • If you want to change the language of the SAP logon, then you can go to options-->sap logon options-->general and you can chose any other language you like.

  • If you have configuration information of any system, then you may create a new connection.

Just enter the details of the configuration of any server in the SAP Logon as shown below. Remember i could be a application server/Group conneaction depending upon the requirement of the conneaction (that will be specified in the configuration details like application server string, system ID etc.

Click on next and finish. After that a connection will be created Just double click and login to use the system.

Please share and mark it as helpful if you find it good and helpful. Will be coming back with the GUI issues, which are general but cause issues while handling the GUI and BEX Analyzer.

Thank You..!!