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With the "BS-S Connecting Services", a customized SAP cloud and rent model, the SAP software manufacturing Supanz offers an attractive solution for small and medium businesses.

The SAP software manufacturer Supanz makes small and medium enterprises fit for the economic and technological challenges of the future. With the "BS-S Connecting Services" small and medium-sized businesses get a high quality and affordable business process solution that combines the benefits of many enterprise software solutions: Based on one of the most integrated ERP software SAP, the software is tailored on the individual needs of each small and medium-sized enterprise. Some Austrian customers have this software service solution in use for years and are thrilled with the ease of implementation as well as the high degree of cloud and mobile services.

Web functionality, mobility, and extensive data analysis - to small and medium enterprises are asked the same economic requirements as to large enterprises. "Small and medium businesses have the same business processes, only on a smaller scale", says Bernhard Supanz, managing director of SAP software factory Supanz. Because of this, also the small and medium enterprises need highly integrated ERP solutions such as SAP, which should be tailored to their specific business processes. As small and medium-sized enterprises, in most cases, however, do not have the large IT budgets to adapt highly integrated standard software to the company's requirements, they must often deal with cheaper ones but - in the long run - struggling with unsatisfactory IT technical point solutions.

Supanz makes small and medium enterprises fit for the future
"BS-S Connecting Services" the SAP software factory Supanz provides an integrated business process solution. By making the SAP Group's standard software fully available to them and at the same time adapting to the individual needs of small and medium enterprises, all customer requirements are met. "The customers get exactly what they need and are well prepared for all the challenges of the future," says Supanz.

Small businesses will as benefit as the big
The SAP software factory Supanz itself is a small business and knows the needs and challenges of small and medium business very closely. For this reason, all Supanz solutions are easy to implement and cost effective. "The customer determines acquisition cost by deciding at what point of his business process, he would start with the integration of SAP software," says Supanz.

The standard SAP software is consolidated as part of an initial project for your entire requirements set individually and possibly expanded. At the beginning of this brief initial project - average duration of between two and eight weeks - the SAP access is set in the form of a secure VPN connection over the Internet to the entire SAP Group Software. Technically, this is cloud technology. For the accounting department it is a rent service. For deployment of SAP software, the implementation of hardware and software maintenance, security measures, data center services, a very high service level and for the use of SAP-certified Supanz basic technology "BS-S Interaction Framework ©", short BS-S IAF, is to pay a fixed monthly fee - based on a service and maintenance contract.


Most efficient integration – One-for-all

With the development of the basic technology "BS-S Interaction Framework ©" Supanz managed a significant contribution to the efficient use of SAP. At the same time work makes more fun. The SAP-certified BS-S Interaction Framework © with Program Generator is at "BS-S Connecting services" used in the field of data acquisition and the interface tool. The integrated BS-S web service makes the software an efficiency expert when it comes to the use of mobile devices. These SAP applications can instantly be used individually to mobile handsets. "With the Supanz-based technology 'BS-S Interaction Framework ©' small and medium enterprises are already well prepared for all technical requirements of the future - from data integration to data analysis and view the data analysis on mobile devices in real time", affirms Supanz .

Successfully in use for years
"'BS-S Connecting services' operates already since 2009 for small and medium enterprises. Especially the high level of service satisfies our customers", says Supanz. This is made possible by all the Supanz basic technology "BS-S Interaction Framework ©." The program generator function provides at different places for a high performance and secure data exchange and strong support data imports and foreign migration. With the BS-S Web service clients are also well prepared for web applications of all mobile devices. "Thus, for our customers is used for years, for example, a web solution for mobile time and attendance," says Supanz.

Practical example: BS-S Connecting services for Mobile applications – go mobile!
The requirement: That the time and attendance should be carried out as an internal activity of employees even from mobile devices such as laptops and tablet computers.
The solution: "BS-S Connecting Services" provides the underlying core technology "BS-S Interaction Framework ©" already finished blocks and countless transactions for a single
BS-S Web service.
The web connection can be so easy. The input masks are reduced to the essential input fields. The processing of the collected data is carried out in real time in the SAP system.

An attractive and affordable alternative
Entrepreneurs, who do not feel comfortable any longer with IT technical point solutions, will find an attractive and affordable alternative at Supanz. And the best part: Entrepreneurs can devote their attention to the core business and the company's growth, while technical management processes have been designed to group size and depending on the business development or need, additional modules of the SAP standard software can easily be used.