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Dear followers of the SCN-Community,

In this blog post I want to introduce you an app of SAP which is called SAP for IM. Actually this app is an e-book which has some sales and marketing aspects as content too. Furthermore almost every kind of information which is published in the e-book is enforced by examples of whitepapers, videos and customer stories/testimonials.

You can read about how Information Management is issued with SAP Solutions and which technologies (SAP technologies), can handle this. You also get information about some important parts within the information management scope. Today managing/ governing your data is necessary to gain a complete view of information. So it is not uncommon that this leads to many open questions.

Typical frequently asked questions like:

    •      When I have the information, how can I make a benefit of this information?
    •      What means Big Data to a business?
    •      Which opportunities do I have to estimate the worth of Big Data to get an advantage of it?
    •      Why is it so important to deal with this issue?
    •      What kind of consequences I have to handle if I do not pay any observance?

These are all aspects which are explained and introduced in this e-book to strengthen the need of observance to Information Management. In addition to that you get an insight into some SAP tools how to ensure Information Governance:

    •      SAP Data Services as a tool to handle the issue of Data Integration and Data Quality.
    •      SAP Master Data Governance as a tool within the Master Data Management content to consolidate, cleanse and synchronize your data.
    •      Content Management: Runs better together: SAP and Open Text

In summary SAP Enterprise Information Management extends over all areas within your business by pursuing one goal:

"Increasing the benefit by harnessing your data!"


Best regards,