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This was a SAP User Group webinar from last week

Prior to the session, I received this via email from SAP:
The app can be launched with this link: Try this well in advance before the workshop to see if you are missing the authorization “Service Reports and Feedback”. This authorization has to be requested from your company’s super-administrator for the SAP ONE Support Launchpad (source: SAP)

Source: SAP

The usual legal disclaimer applies, things in the future are subject to change.

Source: SAP

Need fast and confident decision making

EWA service - collect data, give insights to health systems


Predictive analytics - down time, resource consumptions

HANA scenarios, new scenario re: ABAP number ranges

Security - 3rd pillar

Hybrid - transparency

Source: SAP

Logon to SAP Support Launchpad

4 different applications

Workspace umbrella


Alerts in landscape


Collect data since 2017

Data collection is on weekly basis

Source: SAP

Fiori app

Overview page for all users

Data is stored in SAP Data Center

Source: SAP

In middle see SAP Cloud Platform

Lower see backend system - SAP HANA 2.0 revision 53

Use built in predictive libraries to forecast

Sidecar for data science, exploration of data

SAC access for reporting

Left - side with customer landscape


Data is bi directional


On right - connect cloud solutions

Future - connect more solutions


Data collection is weekly - arrives Monday, then Tuesday access in Launchpad, see statistics from last week

Source: SAP

Replaces classical early watch report


Table can't have more than 2B records - actions - partition table, or archiving


Piloting a chat bot for collaboration

Source: SAP

Sample notification

Limit forecast

Provided with system id, priority with alert, schema and table reaching limit

Source: SAP


Source: SAP

What app looks like

Central entry point is tile Workspace

Source: SAP


Source: SAP



Source: SAP

Question & Answer

Q: We have notice that the Number range alerts are appearing now but it is  also giving the number alerts where numbers ranges are no longer used. How to customize that so it will not point/generate alerts for the number ranges no longer used.

A: went live early; know there is improvement potential


Q: By Predictive alerts, how can it calculate and how accurate the prediction that we can believe on it?

A: Autoarima PAL - takes into account growth of time series

Can change data points


Q: Why is "Main Memory SAP HANA" view limited to Enterprise customers?

A: general policy - new features in Workspace where use ML or prediction - limited to Enterprise Support customers


Q: In my EWA report, I still don't have the prediction reports, is there any pre-requisite to use this?

A: Prerequisite - one system that runs under Enterprise Support


*Free* pass to SAP Insider event next month: SAP Insider’s Data & Analytics 2021 (and S/4HANA and Cloud Administration).


To join for free, use code POWLASPASS (case sensitive)

To use the code: Select the “All Access Pass” option on the registration page. Complete the form and click “Next.” There will be a second summary page, click next. You’ll be automatically directed to a third page where you can input my personal code under discount code and be granted full access to the event at no cost

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