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This is a short first blog to get into the swing of things.

Recently I've been working with SAP CPS.

For those who don't about CPS see

So what insight to blog about?

Keeping it simple I will mention Events. Why are events so great? CPS has many features but we recently sat in a room with a customer discussing why events are good vs SM36/37?

I cannot describe all the values here so I'll start with one.

If you want you can have 1 job (or a job chain) that is dependent upon multiple predecessors :!:

Want to only start a job after 10 other jobs have all completed? No problem at all.

There is one fantastic example of why it's great.

You just

  • set each of the 10 with Raise Events
  • Set all of these events up under Wait Events on the job you want to wait for them

Bingo you're done!

For some other recent thoughts also check my pre-SCN blog at

I will get on here with more thoughts about CPS and other technology and I look forward to finding peers out there in the great big SAP world.

Blogging regards - Jamie Neilan / Doonan_79