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We always hear above. And definitely every companies is working to make their customers life easy. Dell has given whole new insight to philosophy by giving a platform to customer for configuring, check pricing and placing order. This really enhance the customer relationship and makes customer come back again.

That was just a starting point later we have different organization worked for creating value by developing different CRM product at different platforms for different organizations and their end customers. There are different products like SAP CRM, Oracle CRM, MS Dynamics CRM and others which added value by Improving information exchange between different departments and customers. Example interaction center etc to react quickly to customers' requirements.

Now is the age when customer want to know different status also about their interaction at different phases of sales / service and want to talk about different experiences he/she had at different interaction points. Hence product organizations innovate further and take the CRM package to different level and hence
product on Cloud came in existence. It has given power not only to organization’s marketing, sales and service team but also to end customers to get in touch and talk about organization.

In this series SAP came out with Cloud for Customer, which gives that freedom to customer and now this is no longer your customer’s journey. Each customer is having its own adventure and they all can share that adventure with each other and it makes it many journey and infinite possibilities.

Cloud for Customer which is an omni-channel(can be used on web, mobile, PDA etc.) customer engagement tool, is not only perform old school sales, service and marketing business processes but also gather different comments and patterns of customers and find different target leads from different web channels.

For customers, they can find and read the adventurous journey of different other customers and make their own mind to go and make their journey more wonderful. This is real word of mouth on internet.

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