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Gooooooooood morning Switzerlaaaaaand,

That may be a reference only US movie-goers get, but alas, if we have our way, that’s the sense of humor that will be coming your way.  My pal and co-author of the upcoming SAP BusinessObjects BI4 Admin book with SAP Press, greg.myers3, and I, are coming to town.

As SAP Mentors, SAP Education in Switzerland has extended an invitation to Greg and I to deliver a four-day lecture series on the BI4 platform to new and existing customers. What an amazing opportunity!

Greg and I put a great deal of thought into this.  Number one, you have Swiss Chocolate and Swiss Army Knives, so we are already there. On a more serious note, this is a real opportunity for what will be some very thoughtful and well-executed discussions. There is a big difference between a normal class and what we want to do here.   We don’t really want to train you. We don’t really want to talk at you. We really do want to have in depth conversations on topics that are extremely important to your new implementation of BI4, or your upcoming migrations to BI4.

That said please do stop by the SAP Switzerland education page about this lecture series.  We think this will be an engaging and highly interactive experience and we’ll do everything we can to answer your very tough questions you’ve been longing to have answered.

So yes, this site is in a language unintelligible to us, but yes, we do have faith in our friends at SAP that they aren’t promising Greg is going to dance a little jig in a chicken suit. This time. 

Update: A friend kindly reminded me that the dates are not specified here. We are coming 11/12 through 11/15 and this is reflected in the link above pointing you back to SAP Education's site.  Sorry for the omission.

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