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These administrative tasks are usually performed by the SAP system administrator, who is responsible of ensuring that the system is performing optimally at any point in time

  • SAP System R/3 System Status Check:

Logon Test

The availability of the SAP system is a pre-requisite for using the SAP system. If  you to establish connection to the SAP system the system must be up and running.

  • Backup Management:


It is recommended that backup of the SAP system daily. Success or failure of the backup run has to be monitored daily. Ensure that backups are done properly so that you can recover the system state when it’s required. When a backup run fails, you should immediately resolve the problem and possibly perform an “emergency” backup.

  • Application Servers Status Check:


Application servers used for load balancing, hence, the need for their availability. The application server represents the runtime environment the SAP system. Use transaction SM51 to display the status of the instances of your SAP system.

  • Work processes Status Check:


Work processes are essential for the effective functioning of the SAP system. It is important to ensure that all configured work processes possess their correct status at any point in time. The SAP administrator should be able to know when to add or redistribute work process based on usage analysis.

  • Failed Updates Monitoring:


Failed updates are transaction that is not committed in the database. As administrator you needs to critical review such updates. Examine the reason and reprocess the failed update if required.

  • System Log Review:


The SAP system has its own system log. The system log contains error, warning and problem messages. The application server records events and problems in the system log and has a log that contains the messages output.

  • Jobs Monitoring:


In order to optimize resources and increase performance of SAP systems, some operations are performed at the background, defined or standard jobs. Background job as it were, is supposed to perform assigned task. Review the status of jobs for failure or success.