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ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming.

It is a programming language developed by SAP.

  • ABAP is not case sensitive.
  • WRITE is the keyword to print on screen


WRITE 'Hello ABAP!'.

Chained statements.

If consecutive statements have identical part at the beginning, then you can chain these statements into a single statement.

First write the identical part once and then place a colon (:). Then write the remaining parts of the individual statements separated by commas.

Example - Normal Statements:-

WRITE 'Hello'.


The Above statement can be written in Chained Statement as,

WRITE: 'Hello', 'ABAP'.

If you want to print the texts in new line, then you can place(/).

WRITE: 'Hello',/, 'ABAP'.

The above statement will print 'Hello' in one line and 'ABAP' in another line.

Comments.If you want to make the entire line as comment, then enter asterisk (*) at the beginning of the line. You can also use (Ctrl + < ) to add and (Ctrl + >) to remove a comment.


* This is a ABAP Comment line

If you want to make a part of the line as comment, then enter double quote (“) before the comment.


WRITE 'This is a Comment'.   "Start of comment

Some of the useful transaction codes for ABAP developers.

Sl. No
T CodeDescription
1SE11ABAP Data Dictionary
2SE16Data Browser
3SE37Function Builder
4SE38ABAP Editor
5SA38Execute ABAP Program Directly
6SE41Menu Painter
7SE51Screen Painter
8SE71SAP Script Layout
9SE80ABAP Workbench
10SE91Message Maintenance
11SE93Maintain Transaction