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I have loaded some sales data into SAP Hana and with the help of SAP Visual Intelligence i have created some dashboard View.

Retrieving data from Hana can be either Online Mode or Offline mode. Only Analytic View and calculation View can be retrieved.

Hana Online :

When we retrieve data from SAP Hana Online mode you will find the below changes:

1. Prompts for authenticated user entry to access Hana DB.

2. Data manipulation cant be done as the data is just reported directly from Hana.

3. Hierarchy enrichment and enhancement are based entirely on the Data modelling.

4. Update in the data will be reflected when refreshed.

Hana Offline :

When retrieval done in offline mode the entire data set available in the view will be fetched and we can perform manipulation, Hierarchy enrichment and even merging two data set with least case of one common field is mandatory.we can save the data set and the Dashboard view . There will not be prompt for any User name or password like online mode. But update of data in Hana DB will not be reflected as we have fetched the data already in offline mode.

But most of the case we use online mode of retrieval as the data update are reflected in our view.

Here i have retrieved sales data from Hana in Offline mode and created some views.

Geographical View

Stack Chart

Donut Chart

3D Column chart

Line Chart

Area Chart

   Line chart - Treillis by Year

Radar chart

Tag Cloud chart

   Thanks & Regards,

     Karthik Kumar

   M: +91 7418855825
   W: (044) 4205 6027