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This blog follows on from the one I wrote at SAPPHIRE in May 2012 where SAP laid out their vision for the future, now 40 years old they had a guess at what it would be like in another 40 years.

This is a series of blogs that look at each of the 5 pillars that SAP want to dominate in (App, Database and Technology, Analytics, Mobility and Cloud).

This one focuses on what to do in the Cloud space.

The number of cloud offerings from SAP increases by the day, and with the launch of cloud platforms for partners to develop upon this is going to accelerate.

Across all the areas offered by the Suite, I see organisations evaluating and implementing cloud solutions which overlap with their on-premise stable mates.

  • Success Factors for HR
  • Sales on Demand and BYD for CRM
  • BYD for Financials
  • Ariba and BYD for procurement
  • BYD for production

In some cases integration is offered, in others it is roll your own.

Add to this SAP NetWeaver Cloud (NEO) which offers a PaaS solution for Java development and BI On-Demand and anything the Suite can do the cloud can do.......but can it do it better ?

The better part seems to depend upon your definition of better, if better is cheaper, faster, cooler then cloud is better, if better is integrated, complex and bomb proof then on-premise still wins.

Hopefully that has given you plenty to think about.

Read aboutApps, Database and technology, Analytics and Mobility in other parts of the series.