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Goal: To use multiple versions of NWDS on the same PC (different customers, different NW version)

Tested on: 7.00.15, 7.00.22 and 7.02 SP6 (should work for any 7.0X version).

When you try to install a newer version of NWDS by using SAP installer (IDE70setup) you've got the option to upgrade/uninstall,
you can't install side by side.

For installing multiple versions use the following procedure:
1) Copy the 'eclipse' folder from the 'J2EE-RUNT-CD' to a target location (for example: C:\Program Files\SAP\IDE70206).
2) Unzip the the cab files in the 'features' and 'plugins' folder (do it by using rar's 'Extract each archive to seperate folder' option).
3) Create a shortcut for the new NWDS. Add the -data switch to set a new workspace.
For example: "C:\Program Files\SAP\IDE70206\eclipse\SapIde.exe" -vm "C:\j2sdk1.4.2_12\bin\javaw.exe" -data "c:\myws".

Using NWDI? You can set the .dtc and .dtr location as follows:
1) .dtr - Open the installation folder (in our case C:\Program Files\SAP\IDE70206\eclipse) and add the following line to the vm.parameters file
-Dvfs.configfolder=C:\\<Some Folder>\\.dtr

2) .dtc - Open NWDS .metadata folder (in our case C:\myws\.metadata\.plugins\
If a file named 'pref_store.ini' exists then open it for edit, if not create it and open it.
Add the following line to the file:
configPoolRoot=C:\\<Some Folder>\\.dtc

That's all, now multiple versions of NWDS can run on the same PC

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