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A few months ago, I had some problems with an instalation on high availability systems. I had to read the entire manual of the installation, step by step, and then do the instalation. For me its easier when the process is described as a Picture than described just by words.

After read the manual, I build this roadmap:

The enviroment

Here I explain the entire enviroment.

The installation was done on Microsoft Cluster and the database used was Oracle with FailSafe (Cluster for Oracle). It is very important to have this service running fine on both nodes. Do not go ahead if the service for oracle failsafe fails.

The secret resides here: First of all, install oracle bins on both nodes. Use the same local Oracle_home. After installed it, install the Oracle FailSafe and its updates (use the last one available). Of course, the cluster service must be prepaired and tested before.


As part of preparations, reserve at least 5 IP´s for the instalation:

  1. IP for first node
  2. IP for second node
  3. IP for MS Cluster aplication
  4. IP for SAP Clustered Aplication (where Message server resides)
  5. IP for Database instance.

  On instalation, SAPINST must resolve the Aplication that will be installed as a IP address. There are two ways to do that: Publish it on your DNS or edit your hosts file with all the five IPS and names. As the fast way and in reach of your hands, the second one is the way.

For the instalation, use an user with domain admin rights (the sapinst needs to publish the cluster on AD, create users and groups on it. When instalation is done, the domain admin rights can be removed froam account to secure the AD.

Of course , you cann´t leave the manuals but this will help you to find youself on instalations.

Follow this roadmap and the system will be installed in 40 hs or less. The last instalation I had done tooks 20 hours (on fast and furious servers) but following the roadmap.

You can get more information on instguides available on (

see ya soon!

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