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  1. Create a new document from the same universe as the report which is locked, it can be a simple document. Export it to a folder or a category you can remember easily
  2. Go to the CMC in the "Objects" section and find this new document in your list of objects. Go to the Document properties and see the physical name and path of the binary object into your file store, for example : frs://Input/a_138/002/000/650/aspv1zmgkojaidezafajr.c.rep
  3. If you know the path to your FileStore Input folder, then go to that path, if you don't know where is your Input folder you can look in the CMC, into “Servers” section, click on the module named "Input.<your-cluster-name>", in the properties of this Input module you will see the full UNC path of your File store.
  4. Once in the subfolder Input/a_138/002/000/650/ take away the rep file with a weird name, but don't delete it, you can put it in a backup folder.
  5. Copy the blocked rep file and rename it exactly as the document which was there so in this case "aspv1zmgkojaidezafajr.c.rep".
  6. In Deski, open the "Import from Repository" dialogbox and search for the document you created in step 1 from the folder or category you exported it to. Import this document and you will actually see the exact content of the blocked report.
  7. You can of course rename this document as you wish and re-export it to the repository.