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Last Saturday, a group of determined SAP community members met on a cold morning, to spend the day with each other at the second SAP Inside Track Copenhagen event.

And I’m so glad they did, because we had a great day together. The atmosphere was friendly and laid-back, the conversations were great and the presentations were super interesting, with a good mix of technical and non-technical topics.

As Malin Liden put it on Twitter, there was a hat-trick of SIT events on November 25th: #sitCPH in Denmark, #sitNL in the Netherlands and #sitSP in Brazil. That’s so cool 🙂 Here’s a picture of the participants in Copenhagen greeting the two other SIT events.

A huge thank you to Lars Hvam, Allan Jakobsen, Stellan Flinkfeldt, Anne Johnson, Daniel Graversen and Frank van der Plas for speaking at the event and being awesome in general.

I would also like to thank my employer KMD for hosting the event, and generously keeping us in food and drink throughout the day.

And of course thank you to all the wonderful participants who came out! I hope to see you all again when SAP Inside Track Copenhagen returns next year.

Here are some pictures from Saturday’s event.

#sitCPH stickers and SAP Mentors swag to take home.

Attentive SIT participants.

Lunch is ready.

Chatting over cake and fruit in the afternoon.
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