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🌟 Event Recap: SAP SIT Event Milwaukee SAP, June 10th, 2023 🌟

I'm thrilled to share my experience at the SAP SIT event in Milwaukee on June 10th, 2023, as an organizer and Speaker. If I had to sum up the success of this event in one phrase, it would be "Quality over quantity." We were fortunate to have exceptional presenters and attendees who truly added value to the event. The ambiance provided a perfect setting for SAP experts, aspiring SAP enthusiasts, and mainframe experts on their journey to SAP S/4 Hana. Every attendee actively participated, engaging in intense debates on SAP products while sharing suggestions on attracting a broader audience to future events. It was evident that everyone was enthusiastic about presenting their stories at upcoming SIT events.

Here are a few memorable moments from the event:

The session began by highlighting the significance of community events, setting the tone for a day filled with insightful presentations.

  • ravidave2's presentation on consolidating purchase requisitions for companies leveraging vendor-based discounts captivated the audience. The interactive session extended with attendees actively discussing the product. Ravi kindly agreed to share his presentation content in a blog on the SAP community platform.


  • jayne.gibbon Jayne Gibbon's SAP presentation outlined the top 10 success criteria for S/4 Hana Implementations. The audience remained engaged throughout, sharing their own experiences and providing valuable suggestions. There was a high demand for Jayne's PowerPoint presentation, which she graciously approved for publication as a blog on the SAP community.


  • Supreetha delved into the intricacies of planning interfaces, shedding light on topics such as interface selection, vendor choice, testing strategies, and data conversion. The audience actively participated in this thought-provoking discussion, collectively sharing their experiences and insights.


  • Mark Kennelly's presentation on the use of Agile methodology over the waterfall approach at Molson Coors was highly informative. The audience eagerly sought to understand the practical implementation of Agile methodology on S/4 Hana, leading to a fruitful exchange of success stories and valuable insights.

In conclusion, the entire team agreed on the following key takeaways:

1️⃣ Sustaining the momentum and fostering ongoing collaboration through continuing interactions every two months.
2️⃣ Staying abreast of industry trends and advancements by including new technology topics in future events.
3️⃣ Expanding the event's reach to colleges and high schools, aiming to engage and inspire the next generation in Milwaukee to embrace SAP.

Special thanks to Happy Wok, a local Wisconsin-based family restaurant with a Google rating of 4.6, for providing delightful food that added to the overall experience.

As a gesture of appreciation, the speakers received beautifully handcrafted pottery items made by my talented wife, Sumana.

I would like to express my gratitude to SAP experts Senthil Sampath, Vinayak, Konda, Prasad, YourajDinesh Mohan, Pradip Bagul, and many others who attended the event and turned it into a remarkable family affair. Their active participation and insightful views enriched each topic presented.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Parks and Recreation Center Brookfield for providing us with this wonderful venue. Without your invaluable support, this event would not have been possible.

Special thanks to Ron Gilson for promoting the event and to Jeremy Sisemore, Wouter van Heddeghem, Marssel Vilaça, Jay Shroff, and Satish Sharma for spreading the word.

The team is eagerly looking forward to the next SIT event scheduled for September and is excited about the upcoming blogs that will delve deeper into each presentation's content.



Big Thanks to stephaniedecamara.marley , svea.beckerand for their support at all levels of the event.

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