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A person’s name is the most important thing to him. We should ask again if we don’t get it the first time he introduces himself. We shouldn’t mispronounce it or get it wrong.

Don’t scare the customer with very complex solutions. Be careful of spellings when sending out mails to clients – Like ‘I tried reaching you’ to ‘I tired reaching you’…it might mean I’m tired of trying to reach you. Spell check before sending client mails.

Read the mails you received multiple times to find what the person was thinking/is conveying. Always have humility in your mails.

Also the 5-rule: what will be the impact of any email/action – 5 minutes from now, 5 hours from now, 5 days from now and 5 months from now.

‘If you take too much coffee breaks, then the time to leave <<Company>> has come, as the coffee here tastes very bad’ (someone in my team)

My Professor: 'BE Rude. It's okay to be rude'.

While consulting, I still remember my client manager saying ‘It’s my money, man’. (Not that there's anything wrong with it.)

‘Do the essential features first, the Good to have features in the end.’

Do let me know your comments or things you have heard from your PM/Leads.