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Optimizing the SAPPHIRE experience

If you have attended SAPPHIRE before, you know that it can be an overwhelming experience. Just because there is so much to see, learn, and so many people to talk to.  Without a doubt, networking is one of the most valuable parts of the event.

Many first time attendees ask how they can optimize their time at SAPPHIRE, and repeat attendees know that it pays to put together a solid schedule - including breaks and time to chat with people you just met at a session, a booth, or in the corridor.

Apps help keep us organized and flexible at the same time

In the age of mobile devices, it has become much easier to access information on the fly and and stay in the know while on the move. I don't know about you, but I seem to be installing more and more apps to help me save time. Recently, I finally installed the iBART app, that helps me look up the schedule for the local BART train in the San Francisco Bay Area. No more printing of time tables and running to maybe make it. The app lets me plan on the fly and adjust.

If you like apps and are planning to attend SAPPHIRE, you might be interested in the Event Prize Finder App.

As an attendee, the app let's you locate all the exhibitor booth, including the swag that they are planning to raffle off. So if you would like to win an iPad or other cool Tchotchke without having to keep track of where you entered a drawing or when the prize will be given away (often, only people who are present can win), the #PrizeFinder app will make your life easier.

As an exhibitor, the app literally puts you "on the map" and helps you increase traffic to your booth; helping you maximize on your SAPPHIRE investment.  Getting mentioned on the map is FREE, as the vendor offering it simply wants to show off their skills in the space at the show. Obviously, there could be a lot more applications for their technology. To sign, up, just go to this page or contact ryan.goodman directly. Hurry up, there's not much time!

Watch this less than 60 seconds long video to learn how it works:

So, if you are interested, take advantage of the Event Prize Finder App, just sign up now.

In any case, have a great time at SAPPHIRE!!

Full disclosure: I am helping Centigon Solutions to get people to sign up for the app for SAPPHIRE NOW!