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This page serves as quick reference only. For full details of the SD Benchmark, please visit the official page:

DateTechnology PartnerRDBMS ReleaseCertificate
11/7/2014DellSAP ASE 16 on VMware2014043
9/10/2014DellSAP ASE 162014033
9/8/2014HPSAP ASE 162013032
9/8/2014DellSAP ASE 162014031
5/19/2014DellSAP ASE 162014020
5/5/2014DellSAP ASE 162014017
2/4/2014HPSAP ASE 15.72014002
11/21/2013DellSAP ASE 15.7


10/23/2013DellSAP ASE 15.72013031
10/17/2013HPSAP ASE 15.72013029
10/8/2013DellSAP ASE 15.72013028
9/10/2013CiscoSAP ASE 15.72013021
7/3/2013HPSAP ASE 15.72013017
3/19/2013CiscoSAP ASE 15.72013007
2/22/2013IBMDB2 102013006
1/8/2013Cisco SystemsSybase ASE 15.72013001
12/18/2012Cisco SystemsSybase ASE 15.72012040
9/7/2012HPSybase ASE 15.72012032
4/20/2012IBMDB2 9.72012020
4/3/2012Cisco SystemsMaxDB 7.82012013
2/15/2012IBMDB2 9.72012006
2/2/2012HPMaxDB 7.82012005
2/2/2012HPMaxDB 7.82012004
12/2/2011HPMaxDB 7.82011052
3/2/2011Cisco SystemsMaxDB 7.82011010
12/14/2010DellMaxDB 7.82010052

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