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Home Trust, is a leading mortgage company offering Canadians a wide range of financial product and service alternatives, including residential and commercial mortgages, Visa cards, deposits, and retail credit services. Home Trust focuses primarily on a unique segment of the Canadian marketplace - consumers who do not have traditional credit backgrounds and whose specific needs are not met by larger financial institution offerings. They are different in that they cater to self-employed entrepreneurs, people with past credit issues, and borrowers with equity in their property who do not qualify for traditional services due to lack of provable income or little credit history.

For about the last 10 years, Home Trust has grown over 20 percent each year. Through their growth, the business noticed that their infrastructure was becoming expensive to maintain and was not efficient. The marketing function was seeking deeper data into customer segmentation, and wanted an opportunity to better identify selling opportunities. In an effort to make a change and be sure the infrastructure was properly supporting their business systems, Home Trust sought the guidance of SAP Services for their very detailed, deep technical skills, management capabilities, and methodology support, and found solace in the SAP solutions.

To get started, Home Trust, along with SAP Services conducted a proof-of-concept by recreating the most difficult reports to see how SAP HANA could process the data and stack up against the past technology. The proof of concept, did what it should, and proved the efficacy and speed of in-memory computing by validating the prediction and producing the complicated reports about 4-5 times faster than the old system.

Home Trust believes that the adoption and deployment of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) on SAP HANA and using in-memory technology, will enable their team to input and query real-time customer data and view a full profile of a customer and all of their accounts and services. This will result in better servicing all of Home Trust’s customers.

Sanjiv Purba, CIO of Home Trust believes in SAP solutions and in his customer testimonial video, said, “HANA is a game changer.  It’s what the PC did for the mainframe, what personal devices have done for mobile. It’s going to change everything and the way business intelligence works,” and believes that, “HANA will allow us to serve our customers much better in real time.”

As Home Trust currently completes the installation of BW and HANA, it believes it will allow all their reports to be generated 5-10 times faster than the previous architecture and results in data storage of about 70 percent (and saving on that investment).

As a byproduct, Purba wraps it up with pointing out that, “One of the really good things HANA is going to do for Home Trust is it’s going to allow IT to say yes a lot more. It’s a tool that will allow us to get insights from our rich data on how we can sell more, where we should sell, and how safely to make those sales.”

For more about Home Trust and SAP Services, watch the entire customer testimonial video.